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Gosforth 10

Helloo, is anyone at the Gosforth 10 tonight (it's in the road champs)?
I'm not sure that we're running, but the route goes right past our place in Irton, so we can cheer you on!
Good luck to anyone who is running! :smile:


  • Just spotted this. I was really tempted to stop and have a chat after Harvey vanished so far up the road he was probably in a different parish. Cracking views of the fells, wish I had been on them. What a great spot you live in! :-)

  • Hey well done! As far as we could see there were three BCRs out representing...Harvey, John Millen and John Shevelan....great running chaps as it was bloomin' boiling! ...Hope you all made it to the finish ok! :smile:

  • Results were:

    1. John Heneghan (Caw race winner) P&B 54:46
    2. Harvey Lord 59:34
    3. John Millen 61:47
    4. John Shevelan 79:18

    Sub 60 is a great performance from Harv on that course - which isn't flat. Local legend Alan Bowness was second in 55:49 for a V50!

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