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helvelyn n dodds '15

Looked to be windy on the tops- 6 bcrs out I think. Brilliant stuff!
1st simon booth 2:10:37
13th timothy ripper 2:34:50
46th pete tayler 2:53:04
68th mathew allen 3:01:12
117th nick selby3:27:57
130th beth ripper 3:33:41
154th hazel tayler 3:56:50

Good work all


  • I just think the leading lady is worth a quick mention here...Hannah Horsburgh from Keswick finished in 10th position overall, in a time of 2:32:23, smashing the previous ladies record by over 15 minutes (!!), which was set by Hazel Robinson from Ambleside last year. Incredible performance.

    ... well done to everyone who ran yesterday! (We made it!)

  • And Simon Bailey was 2:18 not 2:10.

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