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Kendall 10k

Going against the grain, we quite enjoyed the Kendall 10k last night on a reasonably hilly course, probably similar to Hawkshead. Some good results, but sadly not enough prizes to get to any of us:
Harvey 5th in 36:42
John 8th and 2nd V40 in 36:54
Me 40:51
Haze broke 50 for the first time ever - 49:15, 2nd FV50
Ian 56 something (sorry, didn't get the exact time)

It was won in 33:28.


  • Well done - if you liked that then try:

    Lindal 10k around the Lyth valley with a hill half way.
    Endmoor 10k a hill all the way nearly......tough.
    Hawkshead 10k well known to us all - good burgers.

    All part of the same 10k league.


  • Endmoor, a fell race....on Tarmac :shocked:

  • You speedy beans! Very well done all!

  • Good running all. Ian's time was 56:06 for champs update purposes...
    I like the sound of that endmoor run...

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