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London calling

edited April 2015 in Social Runs

Good luck to Andy Gittins and Karl Fursey running around London this weekend trying to catch Paula Radcliffe and the world record time of 2.02.57 :smile:



  • Do I not need any luck Penny?

  • Good luck to all, what's the forecast looks like it could be a warm one


  • Sorry James I didn't know you were running too, as I wasn't sure you were going after Dent because you had hurt your ankle - so good luck
    Sim the weather is forecast for 14'c and rain with a 10mph ne wind; hopefully not until we start and will stopped when we finish :wink:

  • Getting ready to travel down to London this am. Just like to say thank
    you to everyone who sponsored me for WellChild - an organisation who
    helps sick children in hospitals and supports them at home with nurse
    support - there is a WellChild nurse based in Barrow. If there is anyone
    else who would also like to sponsor me I have set up a just giving page
    and any donation however small would be greatly appreciated at

  • Very best of luck James! :smile:

  • Ooops: and Karl and Andy too! :shamed:

  • James has just nailed a 3:33:00 according to the London marathon
    website. Amazing, well done!\
    There's a very clever little tracking page where you can still watch a
    virtual Andy and Karl running around London.

  • Fantastic time james well done! Hope you enjoyed it. Never spotted Karl this year. Hope you all had a good run:smile:

  • Well done all! :smile:

  • Yes, very enjoyable day. Was up with 3.30 pace until about the last 4
    miles when muscles started to try and cramp up so it just a matter of
    hanging in there to the end. I am getting a bit slower 2 years on from
    the 3.30.11 in 2013 but if we allow me the 2% on our age adjusting
    formula then this was even better! Lovely day in London - stayed with my
    sister as usual who is very convenient for the start and Michael came
    down with me so there was lots of family support and WellChild provided
    a really good buffet and an excellent after race massage with one person
    per leg so hopefully I will be back in action soon!

  • Just looked up the other results and see that Andy smashed the 4 hour
    mark with a time of 3.50.54. Karl ran 4.55.33 which must be pretty good
    in a penguin suit and Penny did 4.53.16 which was an impressive 218th in
    her age category

  • Well done James, Andy and Karl, it was almost perfect running conditions as it was cool :smile:
    Great to see Karl so pleased with himself by the baggage lorries whilst I was getting changed; agreed that's one fast Penguin!
    Thrilled to be getting faster again :smile:

  • Don't know which Andy you were looking at James.

    I finished 4hr 52 min 59 sec (sub 4 in my dreams! - hey 3.15 in 1985 though - had to get that in while I still can.)

    Amazing that three of us all finished within 5min though - didn't see any of you! I have raised over £500 for Dreams come True Kids charity - if you want to sponsor then please look me up on just giving AndrewGittins2 - I know some people like to wait for the pain to be endured before sponsoring! Thanks for those who have though!


  • Sorry Andy - I just keyed in Andy Gittins and this guy came up, but if I
    had looked closely I would have seen he was 18-39 and had no club. Your
    time does indeed come up under Andrew Gittins. I wondered when you had
    done all that secret training!

  • London calling 2016:

    The ballot is now open for next April's event, I've already entered and a confirmed email arrived at 01:20.

    Despite the fact they say the ballot is open until Friday teatime I can sense everyone will have the same idea and enter before midday today. If it stays open until the 8th, then a potential likelihood of up to one million people will enter it meaning the chances of getting selected will be practically zilch.

  • Ballot entry is working smoothly just had my application accepted :smile:

  • My entry in the ballot, surely this year I'll get in :smile:

  • Put an entry in as well.

    Andy G:smile:

  • Just seen the results for the 2016 London Marathon and Adrian Hooper did
    us proud with 3.30.36. It seems he was going very quickly at the half
    marathon stage reached in an impressive 1.34.55 but perhaps paid the
    price over the second half - 26.2 miles of unrelenting running takes
    some doing and the last few miles can be agonising if you've pushed too
    hard early on. Hope you enjoyed the occasion Ade!

  • Quick reminder....the ballot for the 2017 marathon, on St.George's Day, is open now until Friday teatime, however, if you wish to get your entry in, do it sooner rather than later in case they shut it early, or their systems crash due to overwhelming demand.

  • No luck for me again this year. Anyone want a Virgin Money dull grey training top?
    Seriously hope others had more success. Who's up for the club place this year?:sad:

  • Join the club....yet another year Karl gets a no from the ballot, and like Ian, I to have the same training top which I'm sure both of us can wear as leisure wear rather than for running. Everyone else who gets a no will probably get the same thing.

  • and a no from me but not too unhappy about that this year.

    What's the deadline / who's processing the club place? (I don't want it though)


  • Anybody else out there who applied for the London Marathon this year? Currently we have one person we know of who has been both rejected and has never had the opportunity to run before.

    Let me know if you also fit this criteria by the end of the week.


  • I have put in the application for the club place but not heard back yet.
    We used to get 2 places but now need over 99 to qualify for 2.

  • Thanks, Phil.

  • Ian has finished the marathon in 4 hrs 7 minutes, a very decent time.
    Well done Ian.:smile:

  • Well done Ian - you worked hard for it!

  • That's a fantastic time - congratulations on that Ian - looked like a really great day out.

    Andy G

  • Had a good weekend in London. Usual stuff ..saw the sights, went out to dinner, saw a show, ran a marathon......
    Seriously had a great time - an unforgettable experience. A race like no other.
    Thanks for your kind comments and thanks for the opportunity of representing Black Combe at the London.Marathon.

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