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Fell Championship Organisation

Hi - I'm originally from Millom but now run for Swaledale. I've joined BC Runners for a couple of social runs in the past. Our club is becoming more fell-orientated and I am in the process of organising a Fell Championship. I've looked at your championship and I've seen that you give a 13% allowance for women. I'm going to give a similar allowance but was wondering how/why you arrived at 13% as the figure? I've looked at the records for a number of races and the difference between men's and women's tends to be closer to 20% which was the allowance I was thinking of giving. (By the way 13% obviously works because your champs works really well!)
Thanks for any help!


  • Hi Jim. Our handicap scheme emerged from some research by John Peel long
    ago. He spent a long time analysing the results of the World Masters - I
    think at the time that was the best large set of results available - to
    plot a curve of performance against age and gender. After a few years of
    arguing and fine-tuning we ended up with a formula that seems to work
    well and it hasn't changed for a long time.

    I'm pretty sure the 13% allowance came from this; also the view that our
    decline is fairly linear after 40 but starts to accelerate in your 60s.

    You can see the full calculation on Mike's 2014 results

  • Will, that's great information. Thank you!

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