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Two BCRs win the Coniston "14" 2015

It gives me awesome pleasure to mention on here the outstanding performances by two of us at this year's Coniston "14".

Firstly, we must give a massive congratulations to Harry Stainton for winning the race outright, not in a sprint finish, but by clear daylight.
Harry's time of 80:34 was over a minute ahead of the second placed bloke (just shy of 82 mins). WELL DONE HARRY....absolutely brilliant.

Also, this is a major race and Harry's victory comes less than a year after our very own Paula Irons won the Coniston trail marathon last summer.

Harry's win has left me scratching my head as I believe he's the first BCR to win this locally based race this millennium. It would be interesting to know if any other BCR has won the Coniston 14 in the early days of the club.....perhaps older members could shed some light.

Back to this year and our second victor was an age group win for Lou Lyness....who duly took the lady vet 65 in a very good 1:49.54...well done again.

OTHER BCR RESULTS.... All chip times.... for the purpose of the club champs scoring system and table update:
Harvey Lord 86:20 (15th place overall! and a prize for finishing in the top 20 here)
James Goffe 1:48.24
Adrian Hooper 1:52.16
Ian Verber 2:10.06
Andrew Gittins 2:12.12
Me 2:23.14 (Shown as unattached, but on the main set of results....969th place)
Mike Hartley 2:32.36.

If anyone else ran please mention your time below just in case they forgot to mention your club, such as with me.


  • Great day, great results. Thanks john for the morale boost/ blatant lie of " you're on the home stretch" just as approaching brantwood hill. Brilliant performances from all, but partic harry n Lou. Inspiring stuff. Well done folks :smile:

  • Brilliant result Harry, shows how hard you've been training. And well
    done Lou. Both very inspiring :)

  • Well done Harry! A record-breaking result last weekend and a win this
    one. Brilliant stuff. :smile:

  • Lou - you do realise that your handicap in next year's winter league is
    now going to be even worse...?! Well done - a brilliant result.

  • Congratulations to truly awesome results across the board; well done everyone, richly deserved, bodes well for the Hoad Hill marathon in August; I sense Harry
    will be a key contender based on last Saturday and today. I'll check to see if Graham Huddleston or Ian Postlethwaite ever took the title in the 1980's, it's possible as
    both had England vests in those days and chances are Jackie Casey may have a first as she was on fire in 1986.

  • A really great run from Harry who blew the others away in the last three
    miles. A good run too from Harvey too who was a couple of minutes
    quicker than last year. Lou might have gone even quicker and had a good
    battle with me until a stitch slowed her for a bit and I managed to hang
    on despite some soreness from that damn left hamsting!

  • Well done all, great running. Fantastic win from Harry.

  • Well done Harry and Lou - brilliant results.

  • Having spoken with Kath Barnard today - she feels sure that we had a previous winner of the Coniston 14 in the late 1980's - Graham Huddleston, time unknown as
    she has given all the old original Newsies from the early years to Will. Maybe Will can shed light on this and then we can see if Harry is getting close to Graham -
    it will exciting if if he is, as Graham was one very special unassuming fast runner who would regularly run slower miles with slower club members to help
    them achieve their goals as well as run at elite level.

  • Another interesting thing, I spoke after the race to Janet Kenyon who
    still holds the record for Dunnerdale from 1993. She says she now just
    runs on the road. I mentioned that Harry had won the race for BCR and
    she said she did not realise we were such a big club!

  • I have the result Graham Huddleston won Coniston in 1989 in 72 minutes - a truly awesome time and Harry's not that far away, give him a few more years, who knows??:smile:

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