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Grasmere results

The Guides race was won by Robb Jebb (for the seventh time) in 12:38.5,
forty seconds ahead of Simon Bailey and I think only 17 seconds outside
the record. He was last seen riding home again without Pete Bland's

There were 10 BCRs in a very fast field of 116:

27th Rich 17:19
35 Pete 17:41
54 Mike J 19:11
56 Will 19:17
74 Sue 21:37
79 Darren 22:08
86 James 22:36
98 Dave W 25:01
104 Hazel 26:11
108 Hannah 26:41

So I think Hannah and I are now qualified for the champs as well as Pete
and Sue, but it wasn't a very high-scoring race for anyone thanks to
Jebb crossing the line before I'd even got to the second flag :sad:

It was a great day out, though, and a marvellous race. My only regret
(apart from not catching up with Mike) is that a timetable clash
prevented us from entering the tug of war too.



  • :smile:
    Fantastic guys, maybe we could add tug of war to our training night schedules and that should take the strain out of any
    lost souls on the fell because then we'd be all together pulling in the same direction at the same time :wink:

  • all together pulling in the same direction at the same time

    that's funny: my mental image was of us all knocking each other over,
    sliding about, wandering off and coming back with tea, arguing,
    exchanging insults, tripping up and eventually heading in the same
    direction together but only because we were being dragged round a field
    on our faces by a load of ex rugby players each of whom weighs more than
    we do combined.

    who wants everyone to pull in the same direction? very dull :devil:

  • Be thankfull Will - I hadnt evan got to the first flag!
    I think that it should be the location for our downhill race - not just steep but technical aswell.
    A fantastic race shall become a yearly race for me. Definatly one of my favourites so far - I loved it!
    I also think that you missed out on the dog show - friendliest, waggliest tail etc - you could of come home with some ribbons!

    My intro to heading staight to the beer tent after a race was a fantastic thing - that beer went down a real treat! I feel that all runs shall now finish with Ale - thank you for my education!

    Maybe a tug of war in the summer challenge...

  • you think Will could win a prize for his waggy tail ?

  • Youve seen his eyes light up at food, running and beer - surely his tail is wagging!

    (nothing implied - I obviously mean Charley!)

  • "All Pulling in the same direction"
    The direction we would be pulling in would obviously be toward the nearest pub!

  • This year's race was won by Morgan Donnelly in 13.24

    BCR results:

    Will 19.12
    Pat 19.35
    Sue 22.46

    Thankfully, a timetable clash meant that we were unable to participate in the tug of war where we might once again have humiliated ourselves by all pulling in different directions.

  • It's that time of year again - Grasmere tomorrow. Promises to be suitably slippy. Anybody going?

  • To short to fast makes me feel sick thinking about it so probably no hope you enjoy it tho Pat.:shocked:

  • The lead singer of 80s heavy rock band Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) took part in this year's 2012 Grasmere Guides fell race.
    I haven't got his time to hand but he finished about 20th from last.
    Very interesting.
    Wonder if we can lure him to the Dunnerdale or was he just on vacation in the Lakes because it was a Bank Holiday weekend?:tongue:

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