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Tues 10th from Bouth

edited February 2015 in Social Runs

The Anglers at Haverthwaite is booked for 8:15 (in my name).

I think there is a wider bit of road/grass verge about 100m west of Bouth, there should be some room for parking there.


  • I'd best bring some cash along Pete, how much do I owe for full membership? Also, does anyone have a head torch I can borrow/buy/ steal? :wink:

  • Hi everyone. There are roadworks at Greenodd between 8pm and 6am until
    Tues 10th - I think, so the A590 is closed for about a mile. Last night
    I had to go via Penny Bridge/Arrad Foot. The diversion signs take you
    via Ambleside (seriously!)

  • Supposed to be Fri/Sat/Sun only for last weekend and next so should be fine.


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