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The Big Three Zero Club!

On Monday 2nd February 2015, I will be celebrating a birthday milestone!

I would like to mark the occasion with members of the Black Combe Runners, who have openly accepted me into the fold since moving to Ulverston back in August 2013.

The annual Winter League has proved be to a great experience that promotes both camaraderie and healthy competition. Particular highlights from this weekend's event at Appletreeworth include watching younger individuals run off and leave me behind, only for men decades older to then flash by with relative ease before the finishing line!

So, the fight is on come Birkrigg and with the big day looming, I have made arrangements for a post race buffet at The Stan Laurel from 13:00 on Saturday 31st January 2015. I hope this encourages a few more folks to join in the fun at the next Winter League event, but just remember you are not allowed to finish in front of the Birthday Boy!

Cool runnings,



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