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OS Getamap

edited January 2015 in Social Runs

Evening folks,

I thought I would link this as a possible investment for the club to help with potential social runs and what not. I plan to subscribe anyway as I don't have Memory Map or any some such and, therefore, an online version to calculate routes would be useful for me from both a walking and running perspective. The individual licence is under £20 a year so it's not a lot of money - I'll just buy one less beer a month. :wink:

That said, I've just noticed they do a 'Group' licence which is essentially 30 licences for £100 a year. I don't know how many folk are in the club but it may be of interest.

It's a possible point to raise at a committee meeting as to whether it's a viable idea or just a little pointless.

The link is posted below.



Mike :smile:

PS. You can sign up for free and do basic route mapping but you're limited on what features you can use.

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