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Tuesdays social run

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The run on Tuesday is planned to start at Furness Abbey in retrospect it will be better to start at Newton.

So please note this will start at Newton. I have booked the Village In at Newton for those who wish to eat.


I will go to Furness Abbey for 6.30pm to see if anyone has turned up there.

Please find attached planned run that I will lead in red 5 miles-ish. Faster runners can add on one of the yellow options. I recommend the road from Stainton (quiet) which picks up the Dalton 10 route.

If you are not familiar with this locality you may want to print off this map

Regards Rob

will also be put on forum


  • B*gger! No wonder I couldn't find anyone. well at least I stayed dry.

  • Dave Parminter and I are planning to do a Tuesday 6.30 pm run on 23rd
    Dec from The Green (park at Thwaites Village Hall) and others are
    welcome to join us. Just a run though, no food afterwards.


    The run will be just shy of 7 miles and will broadly be based on the social run we did from Haverigg in early March last year, but starting and finishing in Millom Square (which we just about passed last year during that run those who were there) and going the opposite way round.

    Starting with Lowther / Bowness Road and the path behind this estate, then Church walk, Lancashire Road, past Tesco's and the path towards the pier.
    It will also include the Millom pier section, the beach, rather than the hole filled path beside the shore, to White Rock, along the seawall, the Haverigg loop, past the boathouse where last year's run went from, then back to the Square via the caravan site, Commodore club and Mainsgate Road.

    Food options after:
    Most of you would've got an email from Peter G stating the Bear on the Square would be the pub, rather than the Punch Bowl, which was originally suggested. In that email was a link to click onto a menu list for good value for money pub meals.
    If you didn't, please see the Bear on the Square's website, you may be able to order after the run.

    If anyone's coming back to mine such as after the summer estuary run, please state here. Beer will be available. The chip shop shuts at 8 though the takeaway in the Square is open much later.

  • I have told the Bear to expect us. Pre-ordering not necessary but here's
    the menu: Bear menu

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