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Social runs 4-11-14 and 11-11-14

edited October 2014 in Social Runs

4-11-14 Black Combe from Whicham Church?/The Green. Punch Bowl after (committee meeting) . Leaders Pete T (Black Combe) Parmy (The Green). Parmy to book food?
11-11-14 7 Hills of Ulverston, leader Mike Vogler? in his absence anyone who knows the way. Rob McK to book food at the Stan Laurel


  • The Punch Bowl can do Pie and Peas after the Black Combe social run. I need to give them numbers, so please let me know if you want the food and specify meat or vegetarian. Cost is £5 a head.
    For those who do not fancy Black Combe in the dark, I will lead a road circuit from The Green Village Hall.

    David P

  • Two for Hazel and me please Dave, it'll be nice to go back to the Punchbowl again.

  • I'll second that Pete.....please put me down for either pie or peas choice. Thanks.

  • One each for me and Beth as well please Dave. Thanks

  • Sorry I won't make it to this as will be away but would have liked to go to the Punchbowl again.

    As is customary I will be putting out a final Dunnerdale duties list for you to enjoy though !


  • Hi. Does anyone want to go in a slower group and start a little earlier to go up BC - I was thinking of setting off at 6.15pm.

  • Dave .. i replied by email too .. but incase you missed that .. 2 meat pies for Claire and myself please ..

    Jo .. we'll be there at 6:15 .. i can't get near them young guns anymore :cry:

  • Hi everyone,
    Anyone know where we're meeting for the run tonight? Website says 'Ralliss', but this post says Wicham Church....not far between them but I might head for the earlier run so would be good to know where people are planning to be!

  • Hi Beth, the website says Rallis so that's what I was planning on.

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