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Scissors Social

edited October 2014 in Social Runs

I'm not leading this run but whoever needs to book Blacksmiths I suggest you need to do it this week (not the day before like me!)

Or we can go somewhere else e.g. Black Cock as we were at the Blacksmiths only recently and will be again at Dunnerdale soon.

  • anyone want to man a gate at Dunnerdale ?



  • I'll lead a slow group and book the pub. Would people rather go to the
    Black Cock for a change?

  • My personal vote is always the Blacksmiths (its only 10yds from the cars as well) :smile:

  • I have just spoken to the Blacksmiths. They are expecting to be quite
    busy on Tuesday because it is half term but are quite happy to have us
    there with the proviso that we ensure everyone pre-orders their food. We
    are expected at 8 to 8.15

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