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Social run tonight Roanhead

edited October 2014 in Social Runs

Hi re the social run tonight. i haven't booked the Brown Cow (i don't know if Phil has), After the Sunday racing and with the weather today, i expect a low turnout, although i look forward to being proved wrong. If the wind keeps up it should make for a interesting night. I am sure just turning up at the Brown Cow will be fine.


  • edited October 2014

    I booked the pub. Wind should be behind us on the beach...

  • ps. as usual the meeting place tonight is not Askam Pier, but at the top
    of the Lots slightly to the south of there. If you look at this
    you can see where the tracks go onto the
    beach. We park on the road near there.

  • How many turned up? Was it fun? Sorry for being such a wimp!

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