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Winter League 2015

Has anyone thought about events / dates/ format/ handicaps ?
Perhaps trying to interweave our races with others events being put on by LOC/UTC /Kendal League ??

Do we have a nominated co-ordinator ?



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    Thought about it, yes.

    Last year we added Mike V's "Flan and Hoad dash" to the league on
    Christmas Eve. Do we want to keep that going? I think we should.\
    Is it time to drop Po House? League attendances are growing and there's
    not much space to park at Ralliss. It's also a pretty grim and dangerous
    It could be replaced by two laps of the sea wall at Haverigg. Not
    necessarily on new year's day.

    This is what I know of that's already happening.

    Thu 1st Jan

    Sat 3rd Jan\
    Sun 4th Jan

    Sat 10th Jan - Mid Lancs XC (Burnley)\
    Sun 11th Jan

    Sat 17th Jan\
    Sun 18th Jan

    Sat 24th Jan\
    Sun 25th Jan - UTC off-road Duathlon & "That's Lyth"

    Sat 31st Jan\
    Sun 1st Feb - LOC Cumbrian Galoppen (Wansfell)

    Sat 7th Feb\
    Sun 8th Feb

    Sat 14th Feb - Mid Lancs XC (Blackpool)\
    Sun 15th Feb

    Sat 21st Feb\
    Sun 22nd Feb - UTC off-road Duathlon

    Sat 28th Feb\
    Sun 1st Mar

    I think the Kendal winter league has a race every Sunday. We just need
    to make sure we don't both have a race on Birkrigg on the same day.

    6 or 7 races with 4 to count?

    Not me this year :wink:

    Do we have any volunteers?

  • I feel Po House should stay - why is it that the road races are always the one's to be considered as being dropped????

    People should always consider car sharing, as there is a very large car park at Whicham church, where
    maybe some cars could be parked there and then runners could double up; you'd get at least 4 runners in most cars;
    just would need a little coordinating.

    Maybe WTL races could be Saturday's to avoid the Kendal Winter League??

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    I've often thought that we should start and finish the winter league
    with a run up the Combe, so that we can all see how much we have
    improved. And what better way to start the new year?

    I think the winter road races are falling away because we're a fell club
    and they're so boring, but personally I quite like them. I even liked
    the Haverigg 10k. But I have to agree that Po House is both dangerous
    and awkward.

    As to organisers, can I suggest that someone different organises each
    race? We'd need a commander in chief to hold it all together - maybe a
    keen runner who has recently retired and needs more hobbies? - but it's
    too hard on that person to organise a race every two weeks.

    I'll do Birkrigg.

  • I don't mind doing the handicaps this year if it helps out?

    Mike Mc will never catch me now... :devil:

    Agree that Po house is fairly deadly.

  • Hi I also think we should drop Po House ... I know that it's tradition and everything ... But the road is getting busier and busier every year we do it .. And in my view it's dangerous ... If it stays in the calendar I wont be running it anyway. But this will be a contentious issue !!
    I'm very much in favour of Will's idea to run Black Combe twice as the start and the end of the series
    I think we should snatch John Milens handoff regarding handicapping ... I shall instruct him carefully on how to handicap it favourably for old men ... like me :wink:

    I'm happy to organise an event .... and/or be overall coordinator .. preferably with assistance from somebody !!! ... but Pete can have the job if he wants no problem .. or we could do it together.

    It would be good to blend in with other local events as per the calendar that Mike has started ... and if some of our events are on Saturdays that frees up things a lot .. so Yes .. Use Saturdays and Sundays. We will attract more good runners into BCR if we do this too (from LOC, UTC etc) ... and that approach has very much benefitted BCR as we've seen recently.

    Oh ... and it looks like I'm back running with a touch of form ... so watch out ;-)


  • I know there are concerns about parking and safety at Po House but I do
    feel it would be better to have at least the odd road race in so the
    series appeals to road and fell enthusiasts alike. They also take less
    organising as you do not need to put out flags as the route is usually
    pretty easy/obvious which must make it particularly attractive for New
    Years Day. We could do the Haverigg/Millom 10K as there is the huge car
    park at the Rugby club or the Ulverston 10K from the Gill car park,
    another alternative could be doing the Broughton Mills scissors.

  • The scissors is an excellent idea. Hilly, quiet and finishes at a pub.

  • Dave, I'm not open to instruction.

    Bribes only.

  • Ha Ha .. John ... i have nice red wine waiting ... :wink:

    I must stop agreeing with Will .. excellent idea James (the Scissors ) ... alternatively .. if you want a good pub and some sing along songs .. The White Hart at Bouth ? .. with the added 'advantage' that you can enjoy a pint after the run while listening to my Trio !! :cool:

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    There is no conversation known to man that cannot be diverted to
    advertise one of Dave's gigs.

    If we are to let go of Po House then I like Black Combe in December some
    time and the Scissors on New Year's Day.

  • I have to try to get people to the gigs Will .. they pay me to do that :smile: .. they must think we're half decent !! (there are other possible reasons .. but i prefer that one ;-) ..)

    Great shout Will on the Coombe in Dec and Scissors for NYD ...

  • Looks like it's all fixed then. Dave,if you want to organise I'm happy to help in any way, or we can do it jointly. I'm sure Hazel & I could run a couple of the races.

    I share the view about Po House, partly because it's not the safest route and partly because people don't play the game and turn up still under the influence after maximum 4 hours sleep. Maybe thee should be an alternative handicap system. But I also understand tradition so thee should be some sort of discussion, I'm all for two trips up the Combe.

    Don't forget to leave That's Lyth Sunday free.

  • Tayler: you've slipped into Yorkshire with excessive 'thees'. When I come round to sort your printer I'll look at the 'r' key on your keyboard too.

    Millen: I may challenge you for the position of handicapper. At this stage, I plan to run none of the Winter League events so would be a 'neutral' bystander (ahem...)

    Tayler: Good reminder re. That's Lyth.

    All: My strength appears to lie in events with cake part way round. Can I suggest cake and beer at the top of the Combe on New Year's Day? I have good memories of Po House last year as it was my best run for ages; however, that was probably because I was scared of being squashed and sprinted along the A595...I'm willing to sacrifice mediocre glory rather than playing with traffic. An alternative handicap system for New Year's Day could be good: if people aren't hungover upon arrival, we top them up with a Sambuca?

  • Walker: It's yours.

  • Millen: Huzzah
    All: Mwahahahahahaaaa (etc. etc.)

  • I deserve extra good h'cap on NYD ... I am doing a NYE gig at White Hart till 1 am (sorry Will for that propaganda) .. THEN I have to party .. THEN get up and run whatever we decide to run (unless it's Po in which case I will stay abed!) .. THEN do a 2nd gig at White Hart NYD afternoon (sorry again Will ...) .. That's a proper training schedule right there!

  • I hate running on roads and I won't be taking part in any of the WTL but I did have a thought about the Po House run. If people want to keep Po House road in it would be better to park at School Ellis car park and do an out and back - boring I know but it keeps the tradition alive and keeps everyone off the main road.

    What would be more fun would be to add on to the return route a run up to the mast and round Millom Park woods back to the car park - might need a footwear change station opposite Bankside Farm :smile:

  • I'm happy to team up on the organising front Pete ... I know I'll be missing a few probably ... but we can sort that I'm sure ... first thing is to get the dates & events sorted. .. so thoughts ..
    Black Combe x2 .. 1st one in Dec .. 2nd one last
    Scissors on NYD
    Ulverston Flan & Hoad
    Roan head or Haverigg ??
    Best 4 from 7 ?
    UTC have a 'rule' that to qualify you have to help at one event ... should we adopt a similar rule (do we need to??)


  • Thanks for organising Dave. And for suggesting some routes. With regard to volunteering, I think that the UTC rule is unnecessary when it comes to BCR: those who want to run should be able to. There are enough lightweights Ike me who will offer to help; there have been enough each year so far, including the valiant ones who run the route twice or even three times to flag/unflag.


  • I will be able to help on most. Not NYD though as I will be working as usual.

  • Thanks Jo :smile:

  • I think we are all getting ahead of ourselves here. Until a few years ago we had historical fixed events with recorded times and records. In recent years it been at times a free for all (a slight exaggeration on my part and no criticism meant). I think everyone should make their suggestions here and add them to DW's as a basis (+ Broughton x-country) for discussion at the next committee meeting. We have enough good runs now to select from and cast them in stone for a good few years. I personally don't think we need 2 Black Combe's we are up there 4/5 times a year anyway and i would be happy to see the Po House go, i never do it for the reason people have suggested; safety. If needed count me in to organise an event

  • I don't think doing Black combe twice is a good idea. there are so many
    other routes we can use as races. If people are so concerned about the
    safety of Po house route, how's about the 10K road route we did from the
    gill, up Old Hall Rd and up on to Kirkby moor with the finish in
    Daltongate car park. The new year's morning road race is a great way to
    start the year and I would be very sorry if the club did away with a
    race. There are plenty of other winter training league races for those
    who overdo it on New Year's eve. :cry:

  • I just thought Black Combe would be a nice thing to do on New Year's
    Day. I don't think anyone is suggesting that we don't have a race that

  • How about a pre-Christmas Black Combe? I like the idea of doing it twice

  • I like the idea of doing Black Combe twice, it's a good run, though we could always use a different route first time around and forget the 'how much have I improved' bit if we wanted some variation.
    New Years day makes a good day to do it, (though not totally sure yet if we're around then) but I'd go along any day.
    Happy to help with organising one of the races if needed.

  • hi some proposals by Pete T and Dave W see attached

  • anybody got any thoughts \ ideas to add ?

  • Dave, currently no clash, but just so you know LOC Champs is Sunday 11th Jan.

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