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Dunnerdale this Tuesday

edited September 2014 in Social Runs

Hi - I have been found and I will lead the run on Tuesday !

I would like to go reverse route (as it's an easier descent on the road in the dark clockwise avoiding the Great Stickle heather and wooded rocks in the dark). However faster people feel free to go the other way and we usually meet half way ish which is quite social.

6.30 prompt start from hall car park. Head torches.

I will alert Blacksmiths of say 10 of us but please pre-order before the run if you want food.

Please come with a nomination for a helper at the Dunnerdale Race please if you can - either you or a colleague (let the colleague know)

Andy :smile:


  • Sorry I left it a bit late but I have booked the pub for 8.15 - they are busy so you must pre order - I said 10 so please try and make the numbers up - thanks !:shamed:

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