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Grisedale Horseshoe

edited September 2014 in Social Runs

Hi everyone...just found some pics from Grisedale Horseshoe on Sat. We had conditions and lots of BCRs out, but definitely the hardest race I've done so far! :)



    • 'great' conditions. :wink:
  • 2014 results attached. Thanks for getting hold of them Harvey.

  • This won't open properly on my computer, but the results are now on the main FRA fellrunner website results section and there were 10 BCRs taking part in this club champs counter:

    Jamie Baron 2:13.26
    Harvey Lord 2:15.49
    Mike Vogler 2:20.18
    Tim Ripper 2:21.50
    Rob Browne 2:33.15
    Simon Lameney 2:39.42
    Peter Tayler 2:46.37
    Phil Clayton 2:50.38
    Beth Ripper 3:24.59
    Hazel Tayler 3:27.44

    For updating the tables the winning times were 1:54.39 (Rhys Findlay-Robinson) and 2:12.48 (Jacqui Lee).

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