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Social run - Plough Fell - 16th September

edited September 2014 in Social Runs

The social run on 16th September has Plough Fell as its target. The
reason for this is that it will be my final Birkett and I want you all
to be there to celebrate with me. As far as I know I will be the first
Black Combe Runner to complete the Birketts, though Rob is quickly
closing in on them.

The plan is to start the social run at the Corney Fell road and head for
Whitfell, with people going as far as they want in the time available,
and then reconvening on Buck Barrow at 7.30 so we can head for Plough
Fell together. Weather permitting, champagne and nibbles will be served
on the summit. If not they'll be served at the Square Cafe, where pie
and peas will be available.

It would be useful to know the approximate number intending to eat at
the cafe, so please indicate here if you are.


  • count me in Peter, wouldn't miss this!

  • I will be there & suggest bringing a head torch if things run late as we
    have had fun in the past with fading light on Corney. I will also come
    to Square Cafe afterwards.

  • Hazel & I will be along

  • square cafe for me please.


  • And for me please

  • Make that another as I'll be there to.:smile:

  • I'll be there. Really looking forward to it. :smile:

  • We'll be there too, sounds like a fun evening :)

  • Claire and I will be there Pete. :smile:

  • Unfortunately I cannot be there to celebrate your last Birkett, but have a great night and celebrate this third amazing achievement
    First all the Munros, then the Wainwrights, your Joss and now the Birketts, bet all those beautiful scenic miles in total would circumnavigate
    the globe. Well done Pete :smile:

  • Hope to be there to celebrate but won't make the Cafe'

  • So far 17 have said they would like pie & peas at the cafe. Jane will be
    catering for 20 (at about 8.30), so there will be a few extra for those
    who haven't booked.

    As James suggests, a torch may be useful for the run back to the cars.

  • Hello Pete - just a quick question, roughly how long did it take you to complete all of the Birketts?

  • I did the first one in 1965. I think it's about 4 years ago I first
    looked at the list of Birketts to see how many I'd done, which I think
    was about 400.

  • Wow! Thanks Pete! :smile:

  • Pretty sure Peter has completed all the Munros already, and several many times over :smile:

    He's one fit guy

  • Marilyns, Penny.

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