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Speed sessions for autumn and winter Wednesdays

edited August 2014 in Social Runs

Hi everyone, having spoken and messaged/been messaged by you, it seems that there is a hunger for group speed work. This was really well attended last year for a good portion of the autumn/winter period. I certainly noticed benefits in my times and performance.

If folk are keen, we can meet at 7pm at the Gill cumbria way monument and run onto hoad hill for off road reps of varying levels of discomfort. If another night, such as weds is better and allows more recovery time for races at weekends, then this is an option to change dates.

Either leave a note below or just turn up. First session is this coming Thursday.

It's for all abilities, non elitist and about getting the best out of yourself, whatever you feel your limits are...any pain you feel however, is your very own.



  • I'm keen for Thursdays

  • Regarding speed sessions, it'll be on a Wednesday not a Thursday I'm afraid, so if you're keen please get in touch. Mike

  • Thursday for me too

  • I realised after my initial post that Nik has yoga on Thursdays, so I'm afraid I won't be about to train, so someone else will need to lead a Thursday session. As I say, I can be about on a weds, which offers club members three opportunities to train, no bad thing and there seems to be plenty of interest too!

  • Speed session tonight, weds, 6:30 at main ford park entrance for all interested and available.:smile:

  • Hi all, there will be a session next weds (3 sept) from the gill car park that will follow the 'seven hills' route round ulverston. 7pm departure. It's a 45-50 minute loop on roads. For those racing the grisedale route on sat it can be a gentle trot with light efforts, and for those not racing, an opportunity to stretch their legs on the 'effort' sections. Hopefully these sessions will be a consistent thing throughout autumn and winter. Mv:wink:

  • V12, this Wednesday? Road or off-road?

  • I'm about on weds if there's owt happenin

  • I'll be doing a hilly Hoad run tonight. Starting from the main entrance
    to Ford Park at 6:30pm.

  • Sounds good Mike but I've got a cold so I'll give it a miss tonight.

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