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rusland 5

Fast race- more trail than fell. Nice n cool for it yesterday. Jackie Casey was second female, well done Jackie!
1st male Craig Roberts 31:27 ( new record )
1st female Fiona Hughes 36:06
54 runners , 15bcrs

7th h.lord 34:10
8th j.millen 34:33
14th t.ripper 36:14
15th b.Houghton 36:35
16th j.baron 36:36
J16th m.rooke 36:36
18th m.Jones 36:53
24th p.Taylor 38:38
28th j.Casey 40:11
32nd j.goffe 44:10
39th a.gittins 46:24
41st r.McKeever 49:41
43rd d.Watson 50:14
44th h.Taylor 50:40
46th b.ripper 51:30

Phew! Think that's everyone...


  • I last ran this in 2012 following a 10 mile warm up run from Foxfield station to get to the show.
    Certainly if I was there this year (looking at these times) I'd have been last BCR and quite probably last overall.

  • Results for Rusland Fell races 15 Aug 2015 and yet more BCR success!\
    In the 5 mile version Lizzie was first lady and 6th overall in a new
    course record time of 34.11 beating Anna Lupton 2012 record. Other BCR's
    were 9th Matthew Rooke 35.05, 14th Pete Tayler 38.44, 28 Rebecca Rooke
    44.18, 33rd Beth Ripper 45.58, 40th Hazel Tayler 49.29, 43rd Rob
    McKeever 51.05.\
    Unusually for me I was late and got to the show just as the 5 was about
    to start so saved myself for the shorter 1.8 mile run where Pete Tayler
    was 13th and first V50 in 17.13, James 15th in 18.03, Will Ross 16th in
    18.50, Pat McIver 17th in 19.01 and Sue Ross 22nd in 21.33.\
    Mike McIver won the 800 metres handicap race and kept us all amused with
    his valiant attempts in the other races - but once you have shown your
    hand to the handicapper you've had it! Beth and Tim won prizes for
    photography and Hazel and Pete won prizes for baking and Marmalade. All
    in all a great fun day out!

  • Yes a great day and some good racing. They don't seem to have realised that Lizzie got the record though (top of results).
    James, you missed me in the short fell race. 14:50.

  • Yes, and a very good 5th place too esp after having done the 5 mile

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