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Wasdale Fell Race

5 Black Combers ran at Wasdale today in great conditions - nice and warm, some sunshine, some cloud, some wind and a little spatter of rain at the end to cool us all off!
Great race, really enjoyed it...some great views and fun running, with a nice knee-pounding descent to finish...followed by endless sandwiches, cakes and tea! Well done all :)

Times below:

1st - Simon Harding (Macc Harriers) - 4:09:38
1st Lady - Jasmin Paris (Carnethy) - 4:13:05 (less than a minute off the record)

19th - Tim Ripper - 5:01:43
33rd - Mike Vogler - 5:17:51
37th - Harvey Lord - 5:20:13
41st - Simon Laheney - 5:22:03
57th - Phil Clayton - 5:38:52


  • Brilliant to 'be back' as it were. Such excellent camaraderie and banter. Harvey, you scared me sitting in my slip stream over broad crag! I half expected a tap on the shoulder Pete Taylor style on scafell pike summit. Tim, you disappeared, mate...good legs. Super running by all. Right, three shires, Derek price...? Game on...:smile:

  • Brill. I'll get you next time Vogler! :devil:

  • That is awesome guys .. especially Tim Ripper ... finding some brilliant form after his BG .. well done !! .. That Jasmin needs testiing !! ... only 6 minutes behind the leading guy !!!

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