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Bull to Bull

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I'm saying nothing. Rob McK? :smile:



  • Done it?

  • Why its taken me so long to do this 'iconic' run is a mystery, completely off my radar for 19 years? i enjoyed it immensely (well most of it). All credit to Helen W for suggesting it to me, her turn next!
    For the record my time was 6 hours 33 minutes.
    I have some times of previous members runs but it is far from complete. If anyone else who has completed the run, could they sent the details to me and i will update the spread sheet. Unless someone has that information already.

  • There is a lot of previous runners listed in the 25th anniversary book rob if you remember I sent you the info. Well done on your run

  • Well done Rob!

  • Great Job Rob !!

  • Glad you enjoyed your Bull to Bull Rob. Well done!!! :smile::smile:

  • Well done. What is the route?

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    Nobody tell Millen. I'm going to do it as late in the year as possible in order to wrest that trophy from McKeever via the McIvers.

  • Definitely doing it now.. 31 December on skis :devil:

  • 31 December won't do you much good.:sad: The trophy is presented at the
    Christmas party, which is usually in early December.

  • For the benefit of our new members i will write an article on the history of the race and update it with times and those who have done it in recent years for the next newsie. It is a run all members are capable of and is well recommended.

    just need the times for Pete t, Mike Mc, Pat Mc, John Parminter,Sue and Will, etc

    For those who can't wait that long. The challenge starts at the Black Bull, Coniston and finishes at the 'old' John Bull at Silecroft or vice versa via the Old Man of Coniston, Dow Crag, White Pike, Sticle Pike, Ulpha, Whit Fell, Buckbarrow and Black Combe. Approx 20 miles and 5000 feet. If you are feeling good, you can always to it there and back like Peter G.

  • Hi Rob, 4:07.

    And you don't have to go over Dow, you can go around or take a direct route from the Old Man to White Pike.

  • Lets see how many people can do this this year ? ... (even repeats?) .. i've always fancied this ... should have done it a couple of years ago when i was running OK ... maybe a whole bunch of us as a special outing together in ?September ? ??

  • Keith N

    Well done Rob. I will be doing it hopefully sometime this year. In regard to the route taken, if my memory serves me right, from Ulpha the route goes to the Post Office and through Rainsborough Woods, coming out at the Bobbin Mill, then up the road to Bigert Mire. Is this the way you went?

    Further to the route description, I still do not know why Caw is not included in the official route.

  • I did it in 2002 in a time of 5 hrs 31 mins.

    Wouldn't mind having another crack at it as I wasn't particularly prepared when I did it.


  • I'd love to have a go at this this year too

  • Sue and I weren't very well prepared either, so we went up Caw and Dow
    and missed out Stickle Pike. Lovely run, though.

    If you time it right you can get the train to Silecroft, run to
    Coniston, wait in the pub and then get the bus back to Ulverston.

  • There would appear to be some differences in the understanding of the route to be taken for the Bull to Bull.

    If my memory serves me right the true route is:

    The Bull, Silecroft, Black Combe, Whitfell, Bigert Mire, Bobbin Mill, Rainsborough Woods, Ulpha Post Office,
    Ulpha Bridge, Stickle Pike, White Pike, White Maiden, Brown Pike, Buck Pike, Dow Crag, Coniston Old Man, The Bull, Coniston.

    If reversed the above locations should be reached in reverse order.

    Some members may disagree with above but that only confirms my opinion that the exact route should be determined and confirmed by the Committee. That will ensure that future members know exactly effort is required what is required in completing a Bull to Bull.

    If the above is discussed by the Committee they should also consider the inclusion of Caw summit in the route as it is a natural extension of the Walna Scar, White Pike, White Maiden, land mass.

    The above is my opinion of the route of Bull and in no way is it a criticism of those who have completed, what is a good challenge. Those who have completed It deserve to be recognised and applauded for their efforts.

    Keith N

  • I would like to endorse the route Keith has mentioned, having run it myself a good few years ago. Adding Caw would indeed make it slightly longer. It will be
    interesting to see what the Committee decides as it stands it's a great test of endurance and at times of navigation when the weather is thick clag as I
    experienced a good few years ago. I hope future aspirants enjoy it as much as I did + the beer tastes all the better at the end in Coniston for your efforts

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    The Bull to Bull began life in the imagination of BCR member John Nixon. He wanted to re-enact Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, with the Coniston and Corney Fells playing the part of the Alps and himself playing the part of the elephants. He also wanted to raise money for a children's hospital. So, at 10.30 on 12th June 1988 John set off from the Black Bull in Coniston. His route took him via Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag, White Pike, Kiln Bank Cross, Stickle Pike, Ulpha Post Office, Bigertmire, Whitfell, Buckbarrow and Black Combe to the John Bull at Silecroft.
  • And we re very grateful for the foresight of John Nixon as it is a splendid run to do, in terms of terrain, scenary, flora and fauna and of course the satisfaction of it's completion however fast or slow it is completed :smile:

  • Hi all, on Sunday I set out to do the Bull to Bull... to Bull, to get some miles in for UTMB. I got out and back in 10:25, plus a 14 minute stop at the Miners Arms for a lemonade and lime and some nuts! Happyto be the second person that I know of to do this.

    Any data geeks can have a butchers here: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move70070254 as you can see I made a few nav errors and could have cut the ascent/descent of coniston a bit more fine. The out was more a recce for the way back and I was making good time on the home run until I hit stickle pike and ran low on energy (hadn't eaten enough during the day).

    Looking forward to making a proper attempt some time and having a crack at Pete's record, though I'm not yet sure which was would be faster, or if I did beat Pete's time going the other way if this would be valid...

  • Hey Mike, awesome running. Looks like you had a bit of fun around Ulpha! Did you find the track through the woods in the end?
    When we did it last year we struggled to find the descent off Stickle Pike, got a good route in the end though.
    ....but we were moving at half the speed you were! ;)

  • Well done mj - have a really fab UTMB - acclimatise well and go smash it, be interested to see how you go compared to Mike Berry, have a safe great tour - Bonne Chance!

  • My times were:

    Whicham to Coniston 5 hours 38 minutes\
    At Coniston 18 minutes\
    Coniston to Whicham 5 hours 56 minutes

    Total 11 hours 52 minutes

  • Completed the Bull to Bull with Pete Grayson yesterday 1 Aug 2015. We
    did all the key points referred to in Mike McIver's 23.7.14 route
    summary going past Ulpha post office and through Rainsbarrow Woods and
    did it just under 6 hours - 5.58 something per Peter. We had a break at
    Ulpha post office and I hoped we had done all the hard bit by then but
    the second half is almost harder with a long climb up onto Whitfell and
    then lots of off track running through tussocky grass until eventually
    hitting the paths to Black Combe for a smoother finish. Our eventual
    distance per my Garmin was 21.74 miles. Pete has presumably now done the
    most B to B's!

  • James is right, I do now hold the record outright for the most Bull to
    Bulls, with 4 to Val's 3. Now that Mike has discovered a 'double' as a
    good training run I expect the record won't last long.

  • Well done to Julian on his Bull to Bull today. #pothunting

  • An old man, quite dyed in the wool
    Finding working exceedingly dull
    He fancied a jauntlet
    So lifted the gauntlet
    And next day he went Bull to Bull

    The gauntlet is now thrown firmly back to the floor!

  • Some details:

    Black Bull Coniston 08:50
    Coniston Old Man 09:48 00:58 00:58
    Dow Crag 10:12 01:22 00:24
    Brown Pike 10:22 01:32 00:10
    White Pike 10:38 01:48 00:16
    Caw 11:09 02:19 00:31
    Stickle Pike 11:41 02:51 00:32
    Ulpha Post Office 12:02 03:12 00:21
    Whit Fell 13:15 04:25 01:13
    Buckbarrow 13:38 04:48 00:23
    Black Combe 14:58 06:08 01:20
    The Old John Bull Silecroft 15:28 06:38 00:30

    Really slow but honestly the toughest thing I have done for ages. I know that Dow Crag, Buck Pike, Brown Pike and Caw aren't on the official route but I thought I might as well since I was passing. Such a bright clear day that I decided to make the most of it. Very cold on the tops and icy on Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag and down to White Pike but otherwise great conditions. Views were stunning in all directions.


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