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Black Combe Championship 2014

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Dear all,\
Here's my first stab at the 2014 championships. Comments please. Don't
hold back.


Sat 29/03/4 CAUSEY PIKE SHORT 4.5m / 543m\
Sat 12/04/14 COLEDALE HORSESHOE MEDIUM 8.5m / 915m\
Sat 17/05/14 FAIRFIELD MEDIUM 9m / 914m\
Sat 25/05/14 HELVELLYN & THE DODDS LONG 14.9m / 1337m\
Sun 29/06/14 ARNISON DASH SHORT 1.5m / 300m\
Sat 12/07/14 WASDALE LONG 21.1m / 2750m PRE-ENTRY\
Sat 16/08/14 RUSLAND SHORT 4.8m / 310m\
Sat 06/09/14 GRISEDALE HORSESHOE MEDIUM 9.9m / 1525m\
Sat 20/09/14 THREESHIRES LONG 12.4m / 1220m\
Sat 11/10/14 LANGDALE LONG 13.1m / 1450m PRE-ENTRY\
Sat 08/11/14 DUNNDERDALE SHORT 5m/ 550m

ROAD - I'm two medium races short here. Does anyone have any

Sun 16/02/14 KESWICK TO BUTTERMERE 22 LONG (aka the race of death)
estimated date\
Sat 08/03/14 DENT 14 LONG\
Sat 29/03/14 CONISTON 14 LONG\
(13/4/14 LONDON)\
Wed 18/6/14 HAWKSHEAD 10k SHORT\
Wed 13/8/14 ULVERSTON 10k SHORT estimated date\
Sun 07/09/14 ULVERSTON CHARTER 5k SHORT estimated date\




  • Nice fell race list - very traditional and accessible.

    Road - Lancaster half is great and medium and in Nov so useful end of year race.
    Levens 10k in the Lyth valley is nice in the summer and on a Wed so useful if weekends are full.
    There is a Morecambe half in the summer which may be useful combined with a walk on the prom, chips and slot machines and isn't as far as Blackpool !


  • I agree - a good fell race selection.

  • Here's Karl with his usual annual review of the selections suggested:

    Firstly, let me say thanks that a road champs list is included after all the hype I heard during 2013 about BCR possibly ditching it's affiliation for road running and being a fell only club....what would that have achieved?

    Levens 10k is a short category race (Andy) and is provisionally set for Wed, 28th May...if that goes in then one of the other four short races would need to be removed....Grasmere being it as that is 11.5k and not a road, but a multi-terrain / trail event I last did a decade ago.
    Also, removing Grasmere could make way for a suggested medium on Wed, 11th June...the Gosforth 10 miler, that way with Levens in there'd be a fortnight's gap between races, and we wouldn't have all the short races consecutively before waiting for another longer event to come.

    The Great Grizedale trail run is much like the Coniston trail marathon when that reaches this area, and though a decade has passed since I last did it, this race is not the multi-terrain ground associated with Grasmere Gallop, staying purely on the wide trails of Grizedale forest and you would get away with it in road shoes, especially if the course is dry. It is 10 miles long, usually pre-entry and can be steep in price.

    Another 10 miler to fill in the other gap could be the Derwentwater "10" at Keswick (02/11/14), but this would clash with Andy's Lancaster half suggestion....that race being a counter in 2013. There's also Brampton (16/11/14), but like Lancaster, that to was a club race point scorer in 2013. One of these mediums in November has to be included, otherwise if we go with Andy's Morecambe half and my Gosforth suggestion as the two mediums, then the road champs would end on 27 Sep!!...I have no plans doing the Langdale half that day, sticking to running the full as usual, but by then I would've already done enough races to qualify.

    So, far I can't find anything to comment on, on the fell selection, except to second Andy's comment.

    We've avoided clashes but Fairfield and Windermere, as well as Glenridding horseshoe and Charter 5k, are on the same weekends, but different days.

  • good points generally - my feeling would be to avoid the "trail" type races in the road race section - they tend to be pricey, not that conducive to "ones best road shoes" and perhaps not as competitive as a true road race and Grizedale I heard was v. midgey! How about a separate "trail race" championship .......(joking I think?!)

    Levens (Lyth Valley) 10k on a Wed. could sit well as a replacement to Grasmere and having a few 10k's stacked up in a row is no bad thing as its sometimes difficult to switch from 10k to say a half in the space of a week or so. We could have a small prize for fastest 10k in the year to encourage entrants for these races.

    We need a road something in Nov and there seems to be plenty of choice in the medium category as Karl points out.

    Ulverston 5k is an inspired choice - not often you will get a mayor presenting prizes and serving tea and cakes !

    food for thought:smile:

  • Good fell series Sue. Sadly lacking in controversy...

  • a cracking selection Sue .. Well Done .. I shall be trying my best to
    get fit and beat you in some of the fell races .. i feel sure you will
    respond :wink:

  • I really missed being able to compete for most of this year due to work commitments (and illness) - however - my rota is more flexible and looking at the list I can make a good stab at the Champs as long as the two mediums are either on a Wednesday / Thursday or a Saturday, otherwise I shall be disappointed again

    The Gosforth 10 miler is a cracker and during the week. Now that Brampton Carlisle 10 has moved to a Sunday, one of my favourites is beyond my reach due to work commitments - more's the pity

    Langdale Half is a cracker for it's a proper test of hard road running and on a Saturday, so I would love that to give me a chance as well.

    I also agree, despite enjoying trail running immensely, a road champs should be run on the roads, so feel Grasmere Gallop is inappropriate as are the other Lakeland trail races.

    I see no problems with the Champs finishing in September as there are still plenty of other road races, the road runners can go to for a fast blast like the Brampton 10 miler and Hoad Xmas Pudding 10k

  • Most excellent fell selection, there's a lot there I was intending to do. Looking forward to 2014.

  • I've changed my mind. There is clearly something not right about this fell race selection. It is all just a bit too nice. It's creepy. I feel like we have all been brainwashed. Sue has created a distraction with the "trail run" controversy in the road series. There is something wrong but I just can't put my finger on it. Nice try Sue but you are not fooling anybody. Resigns as Captain and then proposes the perfect fell series: I know what this is, all these races are pre-entry and we have already missed the closing dates. That has to be it. Would be just like Sue to do that.:devil:

  • I agree very good selection of races and hopefully we can get more
    people to complete the series this year particularly as some of the
    longs are not quite as extreme as previous years. On the road Gosforth
    10Miles is always a popular summer race and Derwent Water 10, Lancaster
    10 or Brampton/Carlisle where we can hitch a lift with the Hoadies are
    all possibles.

  • I had thought that the fell champs list was quite unimaginitive, (but
    then i can't do the same ski run twice), but if you like it I'll leave
    it as it is. Should be in the calendar now.

    here's a revised road list...

    Sun 16/02/14 KESWICK TO BUTTERMERE 22 LONG (aka the race of death)
    estimated date\
    Sat 08/03/14 DENT 14 LONG\
    Sat 29/03/14 CONISTON 14 LONG\
    (13/4/14 LONDON)\
    Wed 28/05/14 LEVENS 10k SHORT\
    Wed 11/06/14 GOSFORTH 10m MEDIUM\
    Wed 18/6/14 HAWKSHEAD 10k SHORT\
    Wed 13/8/14 ULVERSTON 10k SHORT estimated date\
    Sun 07/09/14 ULVERSTON CHARTER 5k SHORT estimated date\
    Sun 02/11/14 DERWENTWATER 10m MEDIUM

  • Thank you Sue that gives me plenty of scope :smile:

  • what's the rules agian, how many short, med and long does one have to do to compete/qualify?

  • You have to complete at least five races from the 12 in total, with one
    from each distance category as a minimum.


    I've just had an update from Keswick AC (on their Facebook page and upcoming events section on their website) regarding the Keswick / Buttermere Round 34km road race (down for 16th Feb).

    The new date for this event is a week EARLIER, now on the 9th, starting at 11am from the Moot Hall in the town centre, with registration at the cricket club costing £7 on the day.
    This won't affect the winter league as there was no wtl races down for either the 9th or 16th.

  • Entries
    for the Coniston Fell Race are open.

    This is the 3rd fixture in our champs and is also an English
    championship counter so make sure your entry is in early.

  • edited March 2014

    Entries for the Coniston fell race have closed.

    The road champs table has
    been updated with scores from Dent.

    March 29th sees the start of the fell champs at Causey Pike.\
    On the same day is Coniston 14, round three of the road championships.

  • Looks like I missed entering the Coniston Fell Race. Hence I put my name
    down now if anyone has entered but ends up not being able to race.

  • edited March 2014
    "There will be no entries on the day or substitutions."
  • Is there a list of entries anywhere mike? I think I'm in but I never heard back off em

  • Don't think so Harvey. I doubt anyone will have heard back yet.

  • Causey Pike is this

    There isn't a lot of space to park in Stair so, if you're going, leave a
    message here and we can arrange lifts.

  • The tables have been updated
    after this weekend's racing.

    Well done Lou; 99 points on handicap at the Coniston 14!

  • The next race of the fell champs is the Coledale

    The road champs table has
    been updated with scores from the Grizedale 10m.

  • edited April 2014

    Coledale results

    32 Mike McIver 1:27:37
    35 Tim Ripper 1:28:09
    50= John Millen 1:30:35
    50= Jamie Baron 1:30:35
    57 Anna Lupton 1:30:59
    97 Rob Browne 1:38:00
    105 Phil Clayton 1:39:35
    135 Pete Tayler 1:43:13
    180 Nick Sebley 1:50:28
    205 William Ross 1:56:16
    217 James Goffe 1:57:13
    263 Hazel Tayler 2:13:59
    264 Beth Ripper 2:14:35
    dnf Harvey Lord sprained ankle

    274 finishers.

  • Wow .. some super times in there guys and gals .. Well Done everyone.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Jamie and I didn't finish hand in hand..:smile:

  • Yes, some very good times given that the weather was not great, hard not
    to be blown about on the tops. For champs purposes the winner was Rob
    Jebb in 1.12.20 and first lady was Pippa Maddams in 1.25.43

  • Oh - and as for the Jamie Baron/John Millen finish, from what I heard
    you were lucky there was no stewards enquiry and after all that
    grappling you were both given the same place and time. Nothing quite
    like a bit of inter club rivalry!

  • How many clubs does Anna Lupton run for?

    On the Coledale race her club is stated as Radcliffe (which is near Bury). Not long ago I recall one of her club's as Pennine fell runners in a race, and also Haslam, (before joining BCR?) not forgetting Barrow Striders at races earlier this year.

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