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Coniston Trail Marathon: This Sunday, Lift required please.

The next club champs counter race in the road series, even though it's a trail race, is this Sunday's Lakeland Trails marathon from Coniston Old Hall / Landing point on the lake shore.
The race starts at 9am, and only myself and Pete Tayler are on the start list, on the final details section of their website.

I am asking here if anyone can give me a lift please either to Coniston or even Broughton as there is no public transport from Millom early on Sunday's.
Please either text / call my mobile 0777 3289118 or email me karlfursey@hotmail.co.uk if you can help.

Thank you.


  • Quicksand training on Sunday morning I'm afraid mate, otherwise I'd have used it as a good excuse to go fell walking in the Coniston Fells. Hope you get sorted and good luck in the race.

    You could always run there. Be a great little warm-up. :smile:

  • Think you need to book a taxi now, in case all busy on the morning of the race - good luck

  • Considering the blistering hot conditions 2 reasonable results

    Pete Tayler 4.00.36

    Karl Fursey 5.41.34

    Winning time 2.54 and 259 competitors

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