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New Dungeon Gyll tomorrow

Dear all,

Remember that it's the second race in the fell champs tomorrow - the New
Dungeon Gyll which starts from the national trust car park up Langdale.
Achille Ratti have now put a route up
should you be tempted. It's only a mere 3 miles and so how hard can it
be? (I will tell you that later). Also, MWIS says it will be a lovely

I will try to find out the correct start time so watch this space. The
FRA say its 11 am but Achille say 12.30.

It might be the only chance you have of beating me all this year so make
sure you take advantage of it. I expect to take so long that I'm taking
a sandwich.




  • Looking at last years times it must be a very tough 3 miles because the
    times are not much shorter than the Dunnerdale. I also note that the
    ladies course record holder is Anna Lupton!

  • Could someone log into the FRA forum and ask what time the race is? Will
    can't remember his password. I have tried contacting the race organiser
    but they aren't there. Failing that, I imagine its 12.30.

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    Someone has raised the question.

  • ..and received a response...11:00 is confirmed.

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    Someone else! JonG asked too, then took his question off just before you added yours. :shamed:

  • Thanks Pat

  • anyone doing the coledale horseshoe?

  • I will be there, looking forward to this one.

  • Apologies to everyone I swore at/in the vicinity of. Especially Mike Jewell and the devout marshal. Loved it though. I think.

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    Here are a few pictures from the descent.

  • Well done to all those who ran today. First back for the Combe was Phil
    Clayton, followed by Mike McIver (Phil totally beat you), Pete Tayler,
    Mike Jewell, Pat McIver, me (2nd lady), and Helen Walker (3rd lady).

    We'll mention nothing of the times or overall finishing position, which
    are totally irrelevant, it's all about whether you won a bottle of wine
    or not.


  • P.s. Helen - I refer you to
    of the Ratti's constitution.

  • Hmm not totally Sue, but That was probably the best course I've ever done. Well done to everyone today.

  • Any results of this race yet?
    There is nothing on the FRA results page or Achilli Ratti Climbing Club, the organisers, websites.
    The photos are very good.

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