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Buttermere Race

This has been renamed as the Darren Holoway Memorial Race, and is pre-entry (only 150 entries) so get your entries in quickly.


Saturday 29th June
Start at 11:00am
Start from Loweswater Village Hall (GR NY140210)
Distance: 21.2 miles. Ascent: 9100 ft
Over 18 only
Pre-entry £10 using FRA form, includes food and Sportident timing
Entry limit 150, must be received by 21st June
See attachment below for important further entry and race details
Details: Paul Jennings. Tel: 01946 861084. E-mail: jennings.carrhouse@btinternet.com


  • Only Phil C and me entered so far - where are you all? It'll be a great (long?) day out.


  • That was a long way....:shamed:

  • Fantastic race, I think I preferred it to Ennerdale. The climb/descent of Melbreak and that final run in did me though. Well done to Tim and Pete.
    Winning time 4:02:27
    Phil Clayton 39th, 5:27:59
    Tim Ripper 61st 6:03:20
    Pete Taylor 68th 6:11:33

  • What an awesome race route - a long old way round, but worth it...although yes seeing Melbreak away in the distance as you come round Red Pike was a bit of a 'motivation-destroyer!'
    Sorry to miss you at the end Phil, you must have been running too fast!

  • Yes awesome race, I'm sorry I couldn't stop to see you and Pete finish. Wasdale horseshoe anyone, I'm on the reserve list but going to the start anyway.

  • A reminder from an email sent to CFR from Rhys Findlay Robinson:......\
    The Buttermere Sailbeck race (9.5 miles, 4650ft ascent) is returning
    this year on Saturday 10th May with a 150 entry limit (I've seen on CFRs
    forum tonight).\
    See CFRs website under their events calendar or enter online via the
    Buttermere Sailbeck's own
    website those that are

    I'll be taking part in the Keswick to Barrow on this date.

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