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Coniston 14

Hazel's Coniston 14 entry is up for grabs if anyone wants it.


  • I did an 11 mile run round Grizedale forest yesterday in preparation. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of snow up there - about 3 inches in places!

    Who else is running on Saturday? Harry and I are and I think Jamie and Pete are too.

  • I am - I managed to run again last weekend - so will be at least 10% ready

  • I will be .100% ready! :shocked:

  • That's good! I'm looking forward to it :smile:

  • Karl, James and I are expecting to run. :smile:

  • For some unknown reason I entered last week, so see you there.

  • I hope to be running on saturday. Rob also.:smile:

  • Sounds like there will be a few of us there :smile:

  • Snow is forecast for the weekend which could affect the race.
    As at 9:30pm tonight (Thu) it's still on.
    It might be worth checking the Coniston 14 website and your emails (assuming you pre-entered online) for updates over the next 36 hours.

    Has the race been affected in the past by snow or cancelled (ie before I joined BCR?).
    In 2001 Foot and Mouth moved the 14 to early October, just before I took up running, and I read about it in the paper, that inspired me to do the 2002 race, so based on that, if snow did cancel it this weekend, it may get rescheduled to the Autumn.

  • 10 am and no news of cancellation on website yet - can't see it going ahead as more snow forecast today and tomorrow, plus I know the organiser was worried about the state of the school field which affects parking at the weekend - so I reckon keep your diaries flexible for September/October

  • The Coniston 14 has been cancelled for tomorrow and another date for October will be organised for it to take place.
    See Website

  • The Coniston 14 road race has been rescheduled for Saturday October 12th 2013 - all race fees will be honoured and runners need to keep their numbers for the October run.
    If anyone needs a refund ( in case it clashes with Ian Hodgson or Fell relays) runners should contact David Walmsley before 30th April to ensure monies are returned.
    I think all entrants will receive an email; I did even though I withdrew.
    For more details consult the website :smile:

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