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2013 Champs - a reminder

edited February 2013 in Black Combe championships

This Saturday is the first race in the Black Combe fell champs series
and it is very appropriately the Black Combe
itself. The full list
of races is now up on the main site and can be found
here. If you subscribe to the
calendar then they will appear
automatically in your own calendar.

I have highlighted those which are pre-entry - please take note of this
as some races will fill up quickly. Take particular note of the longs in
the road champs - all but Dent are pre-entry, and Dent is in a couple of

For those who are new to this, there are two series - the road series
and the fell series with 12 races in each. To qualify you must complete
five races from 12 which must include at least one short, medium and
long. The score you receive is worked out as a percentage of the winners
time - so if you win a race you will get 100 points, and if you take
twice as much time as the winner then you get 50 points. Trophies are
awarded at the end of the year for the best female and male in each
series, plus the handicap trophy which is worked out using adjusted
times - 12% is given to ladies, and vets receive an incremental benefit
for each year over 40, thus allowing all to compete on a level (in

As Karl pointed out, Keswick to Buttermere was meant to be the first
race in the road series this year, but as no-one showed, I put in the
Windemere Marathon instead.

Hope to see you all on Saturday. I have ordered sunshine, hailstones and


  • VERY well explained, linked etc Cap'n.

  • I wish every one well who competes in either or both champs; I shall miss being able to compete in the road champs(due to work commitments)especially as there are several nice new additions to the programme.I really hope more of our women members will rise to the challenge. :smile:

  • Fabulous collection of races Captain ... Nice explanations .. now if i
    can just get the info auto onto my phone .. organise my life .. and get
    a working pair of legs ... i'll get stuck in lol :-)

    Good Luck everyone :cool:

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