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BCR Championships 2013



  • Dentdale 14.2 road race results

    Winning male 1.24.32
    Winning female 1.36.11

    Far from ideal race conditions resulted in slow times all round, as NE winds took temperatures down to -1'C for most of the race as it was
    completed in sleet and rain

    Disappointing turnout from BCR; however out of over 350 finishers

    James Goffe 1.49.55
    Karl Fursey 2.15.21

    Will send photos to Sue and Will for next newsie and website archives as don't know how to add to forum

    Hopefully Coniston in two weeks will be better attended and with better weather


    You'll all no doubt be aware that the Coniston 14 was rescheduled following it's postponement due to the snow last week.
    Unfortunately, from the Langdale fell race point of view (as suggested by me to replace the already fully booked TWA race next month), the new date for the Coniston 14 IS the same as Langdale....Saturday, 12th October at the same time...11am.

    I am assuming we are leaving the road champs as it is and Coniston remains included with the new date. On a slightly more positive note, the new date for the 14 does help to fill in that 81 day gap between the Summer 10k and the Lancaster half, cutting the gap to 59 days.

    So, what do we do about my suggested Langdale race? If that stays then we have a clash, if it goes, then other alternative "AL" races that could be considered are the Wasdale, or better still, the Borrowdale on Saturday, 3rd August, as that race would almost equate to being about the same as the Teenager race. It is 17 miles, so slightly longer than the TWA, but a bit less climb. What do you think?

    I should point out that both Borrowdale (and Wasdale) are pre-entry only, however, Borrowdale doesn't open for pre-entries until the end of May, and closes in early July, but being a popular high summer race, it's likely Borrowdale could be full by midnight on Saturday, 8th June. Entry is via Borrowdale's fell race website entry form.

    I'll leave it to you Sue to ponder and decide.

  • Hi Karl,\
    You are right - Coniston stays in with its new October date. With the
    fell champs, I think we leave it as it is. There are still three other
    longs people could complete. I am not keen on continually revising
    things as we go along as it gets confusing, so the champs are what they
    are from here on in.\

  • What a waste of time putting in the Blackpool Beach 10km into our champs...I had a feeling no one would go and I was right...spending the early hours of the morning checking up on results of races, club or non-club counters.
    I guess sometimes going for variety....outside Cumbria...isn't going to bring out green and blacks.

    Last Friday's Dalton 10km (which is on our doorsteps) only saw three BCRs take part....me (60:33 saving some leg for Sunday's marathon), Colin Benn (46:58) and James (45:09). Had this been included I bet a few more of us would've crawled out of the woodwork.

  • Levens 10K results now in. This was quite a tough 10K with a lot of
    steepish hills in the second half and most found it hard work apart from
    the winner Danny Parkinson of Kendal AC who managed 32.58 with the next
    finisher over 35 mins. Only 2 ran from BCR, myself 38th in 46.54 and
    Andy Gittins 52nd in 50.03.

  • The next BCR champs event is The Duddon Valley Fell race on Saturday 1
    June at 11.00. It is about 18 miles and goes over Harter Fell,
    Hardknott, Little Stand, Three Shires, Swirl How, Dow Crag, White Pike
    and Caw. Park and assemble in the field behind the Newfield. There is
    also a shorter Duddon Short which is about 10 miles and has the same Dow
    Crag, White Pike and Caw finish. There will be quite a few BCR helping
    out with the entries, timings etc so it would be nice to get a few

  • The next race in the road champs, Gosforth 10 Mile took place on
    Wednesday 12th June. Three ran from BCR - the usual crew of myself, Pete
    Grayson and Karl. Weather was a bit dodgy - a bit wet and windy at times
    but not too cold. Winner was Alan Bowness of Ellenborough in 56.35. I
    managed 74.09, Pete 78.51 and Karl 98.02. Though our times were a bit
    slower than last year, the winners time was also slower so I calculate
    that we get 76, 72 and 58 points respectively. There is another mid week
    evening race on Wednesday - Hawkshead 10K at 7.30 so there should be
    plenty of time for everyone to get there. We have had up to 14 run there
    before and it would be nice to get a good turnout this week.

  • edited June 2013

    Rich put up a great performance yesterday in the Cross Bay half, coming
    5th out of over 400 runners. Helen G and I also took part. For a flat
    race it is deceptively hard, especially when you've done no training.


  • Tom Cox also ran - he was about 1:55

  • Championship tables have been

    We're still waiting for results from the New Dungeon Ghyll race. If you
    find any, please tell me where they are.

    Let me know if there are any mistakes/runners missing.

  • Thanks Mike, i'm trying to get the NDG results.\

  • I have 2 results for NDG Sue, I was 10th in 46:24, Mike McIver was 11th, jus 4 secs behind me, I think the winning time was 40mins. I'm sorry I have no other times.

  • Scores from 3 Shires are now in the
    table .

  • The tables have been updated.

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