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Did anyone do the Carlisle (Great Cumbrian Run) half marathon this year?

I know we had a good result at the Hodgson the same day as the road champs counter race at Carlisle, but if anyone took part please post your time below, thanks.:tongue:


  • Results are on power of

    Looks like we had one runner. Well done Helen.

  • Well done Helen - under two hours on the chip timing (1.59.12). You now
    need to do the Derwent 10 on 4 November to complete the road series and
    win the cup!

  • Yes, as James said, you need to do the Derwentwater 10 mile race at Keswick in a fortnight's time to win the road champs for the ladies for 2012, and best of all...it doesn't matter how fast or slow you are, the prize is then yours.........go for it girl, and well done at Carlisle to.

  • Thank you Mike, James and Karl, I was pleased with my time.... And yes I am going to do the Derwntwater 10 miler, all being well. :smile:

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