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Great Langdale Marathon 2012

Results from Saturday

1st Steven Prentice 02:57:28\
54th Peter Grayson 03:58:31\
137th Karl Fursey 04:56:28\
173 finishers.


  • Well done both of you, we had absolutely glorious conditions, summer all in one day, enjoyed my attempt at the half in the sunshine.

  • Well done!\
    That result moves Peter ahead of
    on handicap.

  • Yes, well done Peter. I did the half (unofficially) last year and it is
    a tough course - I was glad to be finishing the half rather than going
    up that big hill from Great to Little Langdale again - so under 4 hours
    for the Marathon is good going. Thanks also Mike for updating the champs
    so quickly. 7 handicap points is too much to make up on Peter but
    hopefully I can hang on for the overall.

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