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Howtown Fell Race

edited August 2012 in Black Combe championships

What a cracking race that was. Please can we include in the chaps next year too!

Thanks to Phil for the Wine Gum on Place Fell - made all the difference on the final climb up Hallin.


  • Results are now up for the purpose of the club champs table:

    Winner was Carl Bell of Sedbergh in 2:04.12 (10 minutes ahead of the second placed bloke, and had Carl not run then some of your scores would be alot healthier)
    Lady victor going to Steph Scott almost an HOUR down at 3:03.45.

    BCR times:
    Mike McIver 2:34.01
    Patrick McIver 3:09.58
    William Ross 3:22.16

    Just 56 finishers but there were clashes elsewhere such as Broughton Mills which I did and the new Turner Landscape race from the Turner campsite close to the Newfield Inn:- a recommendation for our champs next year perhaps?

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