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Club Champs 2012

It's that time of year again, with just the one race left in each of our championships this year. What would you like in for next year? Old favourites or something new? It's not always easy to create a schedule that doesn't clash with other races and that gives something for all, but I'll do my best if you let me know what you want here.

For my money, I've enjoyed running some new races this year - I enjoyed Buttermere/Sailbeck, Bliso is always a good run on a midsummer evening (i.e. mist & rain), the Mountain Trial was exhausing but great entertainment, Three Shires is a perennial favourite and I really enjoyed a new race yesterday - the Really Wild Boar (up Wildboarclough - it takes less time to get there than to Borrowdale, a great low-key race on a route giving interesting rote choice coming down, and a chance to win a week half board in the Pyrenees as a spot prize). The two races from the Screes Hotel have been fun as well.



  • Consider the Wagon and Horses 10m (August) and Lancaster Half Marathon(November) for the road series; both extremely well organised by Lancs and Morecambe AC, also the Trimpell 20, March) is an ideal race to test pace judgement and refuelling strategies before going to a spring marathon ( can recommend it Helen, Darren + 2 others yet undetermined runners for London practice - although a trifle flat for Windermere; it's still a worthwhile run)

    Feel the announcement of Club Places for the London marathon should be announced pdq, as it's only 5 and half months away, to give the recipients plenty of time to get their mileages up - which hopefully they were doing any way in case they became lucky :devil:

  • Few more races to consider for the road champs
    Short ones
    Dalton Charter 10k - undulatory - early April
    Hawkshead 10k - undulatory, fast downhill finish - mid June
    Hoad Hill 10k - one of the fastest 10k's in NW - either August or December
    Ulverston Charter 5k - 5 1k laps - fast course, current record 15.31/16.08

    Netherhall Maryport 10m - undulatory - February
    Gosforth 10m -undulatory - June mid week
    Wagon and Horses 10m - flat and fast - Lancaster early August
    Derwentwater 10m hilly - fast finish - early November
    Brampton/ Carlisle - fast course - mid November
    Great Langdale Half - tough hilly - September
    Lancaster Half - fast flat - November

    Dent 14.2 undulatory, good downhill finishing 2 miles - March
    Coniston 13.8 undulatory - March
    Buttermere Round 21.8m- hilly - February
    Trimpell 20 - flat and fast - March
    Windermere Marathon - undulatory - May
    Great Langdale Marathon - 2 tough laps September - one of the toughest marathons in GB after 7 Sisters in Sussex and Snowdon.

    Look forward to hearing your choices - how about 3 from each category rather than 2


  • Pete,
    Some that I liked/would like to do;

    Girsedale Horseshoe, Ennerdale, Sca-fell Pike, the shows weekends were also lots of fun too i.e. Broughton-mills, Rusland and Torver

  • I concur with the Baron. Ennerdale, scafell pike in september, plus some club run races - black combe, dunnerdale caw? Or are club races always in it anyway? Personally, I quite like entertaining the notion of wasdale, but that's probably just selfish of me. Buttermere/sailbeck is another good 'un,

  • I'm trying to get on with planning the 2012 series at last, but for road runners I can promise the Coniston 14/17 or whatever will be in the championships as usual - it usually fills up quickly so get pre-entered asap if you want to do it.

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    I seem to be feeling old-school this year. In no particular order, some

    • Coniston fell race
    • Wasdale
    • Buttermere Sailbeck
    • Blencathra
    • Mountain Trial again
    • Fairfield
    • Sca Fell Pike
    • Short Duddon
    • Grisedale

    Your wild boar sounds good too.

    If you'd like to put Black Combe in, please do. It will slightly
    interfere with my marshal-recruiting but I prefer not to pull people out
    of the race anyway, and I'm sure it'll work out.

  • I like the look of this one, a "short" long fell race, I think on a new route. I also like the idea of Kirk Fell from Wasdale Show :devil:

    Sat 11th Aug 2012 ' Howtown (R)
    Race details
    Date & time: Sat 11th Aug 2012 at 11:00
    Country: England
    Region: Lake District
    Category: AL
    Distance: 12.8m / 20.6km
    Climb: 4642ft / 1415m
    Venue: Howtown Outward Bound.
    Grid ref: 444197
    Skills & experience: ER, LK, NS
    Minimum age: 18
    Entry information
    Entry on day fee: £3.00
    Contact for Race Information
    Kim Collison
    Outward Bound Trust, Watermillock, Penrith, CA11 0JL

    Teams allowed:
    Male: No record information.
    Female: No record information.
    Permit / Insurance
    This race has a permit and/or insurance from the FRA.

  • That looks great. Not too climby either. What do you think, Kidsty Pike
    and Place Fell?

  • OK - proposals for next year. As usual it hasn't fallen as a perfect series, there are some weekends when both a fell and a road race are on. I've tried to put some new and different fell races in again and one ot two old favourites. For the road series, particularly the long ones, there seems to be less choice - I've put the Langdale marathon in for the brave, but the half is also in so you can have a choice.

    Dalton 10k - 4 May
    Hawkshead 10k - 27 June
    Ulverston 10k - 8 Aug
    Ulverston 5k - 2 Sept
    Gosforth 10m - 13 June
    South Lakes half (Allithwaite) - 23 June
    Great Langdale Half - 22 Sept
    Derwent 10m - 17 Dec
    Dent 14 - 10 Mar
    Coniston - 31 Mar
    Windermere Marathon - 20 May
    Great Langdale Marathon - 22 Sept

    Fell Races
    Causey Pike 31 Mar
    Arnison Crag - 25 Aug
    Scafell Pike - 22 Sept
    Kirkfell - 13 Oct
    Coledale - 14 Apr
    Coniston - 5 May
    Grisedale - 1 Sept
    Really Wild Boar (Wildboarclough) - 3 Nov
    Ennerdale - 2 June
    Wasdale - 14 Jul
    Howtown - 11 Aug
    3 Shires - 15 Sept

  • And Jane from the Square Cafe won't be too pleased because the Broughton Mills fell race and fun day is on the same day as Howtown, AND the new Turner Landscape race from the campsite near the Newfield. Think of the number of times we've snubbed her race from our club champs (or had the summer challenge) after all the work she does for us (pie and peas, food for our Xmas do etc). Think fair's fair we should have Broughton Mills in our champs annually as it's also a local event right on BCRs doorsteps.
    Howtown is the other side of Ullswater and that'll see a low turnout of BCRs. That race should be replaced with the Long Duddon on 9th June, that way there's three of the longs in that Lake District series of classic races in our champs. Also the Long Duddon is close to us, not an E & B counter in 2012 AND is entry on the day as well.

    You should let me pick the races:
    How about a prize for any BCR who completes ALL 12 races in the road or fell series?
    CFR do this to club members who finish all 12 races in their champs irrespective of how fast or slow they may be.
    By clashing road and fell races on the same weekend day for example denies that opportunity.

    Why drop Keswick / Buttermere Round 34km from the champs?
    We often always have it put in to kick start the new road series and with the likes of our London marathon runners getting in longer races in preperation, this is an ideal warm up event on 12th Feb....besides there's no winter league race that day.
    Drop Langdale marathon for Keswick / Buttermere Round as more BCRs are likely to do it. By Langdale marathon weekend I'll have already qualified and I will still be running the marathon anyway....I've NEVER done the half in this race yet and intend to keep it that way.

    Causey Pike and Scafell Pike clash with road races. Try Loughrigg on a Wed in April (11th?) for Causey, as BCRs usually support this one, and it's closer, plus it's only just after the Easter weekend. I know it's close to Coledale but 4 miles and 1000ft climb three days before it acts as a useful warm up to that English and British Champs counter event in 2012. The aforementioned Broughton Mills race should replace Scafell Pike to avoid the road race clash and we keep Jane happy as well. Entry fee to Scafell is also very steep in 2012 at £12 on the day for 4.5 miles!

    The South Lakes half is a provisional only, and I don't know if it'll happen or not. It did go ahead in 2010 in late June, but I've seen no mention of it for 2011. If it doesn't go ahead in 2012 a good alternative would be the Carlisle (Great Cumbrian run) half in October, but haven't seen a date thus far for it yet.
    The Ulverston summer 10km race is going back to its correct Wed date of 15 Aug I've been told after this month's pud race had finished.
    The Derwentwater 10 is on Sun 04 Nov. The 17 Dec is a Monday!!
    The Coniston 14 is back to its' correct distance as Bouthrey Bridge has been repaired and reopened.
    Let's see what discussion this produces: Verdicts and comments below, thanks.

  • Thank you for putting the list together Pete. Is it 5 races to count and at least one from each category?

    Jamie, Mike and I did the Coniston Horseshoe this morning and it was a really good run. The microspikes were great and definitely helped confidence on the descent off the Old Man. :smile:

  • Yes that's right, one short, one medium, one long and any 2 others.

  • Thanks Pete

  • I like the list :devil: .. however i think putting in both Langdale Half
    and the Marathon limits choice as that's basically 2 races on the same
    day .. i'd suggest choosing the Marathon for the Champs and finding
    another Medium .. I'd suggest Haweswater Half ?

    Dave W.

  • Thanks, I thought that might cause comment!

    Including the Haweswater Half would mean having 3 races of 13-14 miles in March. That seems OK. The other thing in my mind was linked to Karl's comment above, about including Keswick/Buttermere instead of the Langdale Marathon - that also front loads the programme and means that all longs are finished by May - that has been criticised before so I had included the Langdale Marathon to spread it out. I have no strong views on either of these solutions so we can have one or the other of the changes depending on who shouts loudest (or more likely how many different people shout for each race) on here.

  • I don't have a strong view on Langdale Marathon or K-B .. I'm not
    targetting either of them :smile: .. but I think it's a good idea to
    have a 'late long' .. incase folk don't get their long in early ...

  • Looks like a really good fell series to me Pete with a good spread of dates

  • Great Cumbria half or Lancaster half both in the autumn months and well organised and sensibly priced - so solution remove the Great Langdale half :smile:

  • The final answer is............

    Dalton 10k - 4 May
    Hawkshead 10k - 27 June
    Ulverston 10k - 15 Aug
    Ulverston 5k - 2 Sept
    Gosforth 10m - 13 June
    South Lakes half (Allithwaite) - 23 June
    Great Cumbria (Carlisle) Half - 7 Oct
    Derwent 10m - 4 Nov
    Dent 14 - 10 Mar
    Coniston - 31 Mar
    Windermere Marathon - 20 May
    Great Langdale Marathon - 22 Sept

    Fell Races
    Causey Pike 31 Mar
    Arnison Crag - 25 Aug
    Scafell Pike - 22 Sept
    Kirkfell - 13 Oct
    Coledale - 14 Apr
    Coniston - 5 May
    Grisedale - 1 Sept
    Really Wild Boar (Wildboarclough) - 3 Nov
    Ennerdale - 2 June
    Wasdale - 14 Jul
    Howtown - 11 Aug
    3 Shires - 15 Sept

  • ....and 3 possible dates for the John Peel summer challenge - 30th June, 7th July and 21st July (though this last one is the 1st day of school holidays).

  • I'll comment more next week, but am not happy.

    Jane is snubbed again, lucky to get 3 BCRs at Really Wild Boar compared to up to 30 at Dunnerdale (snubbed), road and fell race clashes, even the Carlisle half clashes with the Hodgson relays, the south lakes half might not go ahead, so what's the alternative half ?
    Howtown gets poorly attended by one BCR as Turner Landscape (new race from campsite close to Newfield) and Broughton Mills (both same day) get good BCR turnout... on the last day of the athletics at the London Olympics (lovely newspaper report headline), boy I could go on. Even two club counter races less than 18 and 26 hours apart, albeit seperate weekend dates and Karl yet again is likely to be the only BCR to run the Great Langdale marathon as the Buttermere Round gets snubbed with people building up to a spring marathon, that doesn't clash with a WTL race.

    A true road club runner would want all the longs out of the way with by May, so that prevents anyone else from qualifying IF they haven't done a long before Whitsun.

  • I am one of the runners who likes to try and do both the road and the
    fell series and there do appear to be a few clashes. My main concern is
    31 March is Coniston 14 which is always the most popular road long. This
    clashes with Causey Pike. A better bet may be Loughrigg on 11th April
    which has proved very popular in the past or bring back in the
    Dunnerdale which we have always had in the champs before.

  • edited January 2012

    I think it's an excellent list. Can't be exactly right for everybody,
    but very close. Nice work, Pete.

    Mike has put them all on the
    and looks forward to
    receiving corrections soon.

  • Looks like a good list to me. Like Will said, it can't be right for everybody. You can please all the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time... yarda yarda yarda. I plan on focussing on the fell series anyway. I might do one or two road runs, but I'm not a huge fan of tarmac.

  • I really like the calendar function - great to have all the race details automatically updated on my phone/GPS - no reason to miss a race or get lost trying to find it!

    The race series is OK too - good job Pete. Nice spread and some new stuff too.

  • Yes .. a Good List ..\
    Pat\ Will \ Mike ... how do i transfer a calendar to my iphone please?



  • Belay that ! .. IT WORKS .. Oh you guys are CLEVER :smile:

  • That's enough of an approval rating thanks (~66%!):smile: I think there's enough variety and spread for people to run 6 or 7 in both series if they want to - I'd prefer an interesting series even if we have the odd clash.

    To answer some of the comments, at risk of repeating things higher up the thread, I've tried to get a blend of favourites and new races, particularly for the fell series. We had the Broughton Mills race in last year and it (sadly for me) skewed the overall results - so a new race at Howtown sounds a really good alternative (set the video). I think we'll get near 30 at Dunnerdale whether it's a club champs race or not - and what race other than the Really Wild Boar does everyone have an equal chance of winning a week's holiday in the Pyrenees? Also, I've heard criticism before for having all long road races before the end of May, hence not doing it this year. Last year all fell mediums were over by the end of June and I don't think it was that good an idea. I think Carlisle and the Ian Hodgson on the same day is not likely to affect many or any people.

    If races get cancelled or don't go ahead we will of course reconsider the list.

  • I've just noticed that the UK Fell Relay is a week earlier this year (based at Church Stretton in Shropshire - I think in the Long Mynd area). As a result it is very likely that it will now clash with the Kirk Fell race (and also the Langdale race). Given that most who would do Kirk Fell will also probably be in a UK relay team, we should probably swap Kirk Fell with Dunnerdale as that's at the same time of year. We'll just wait and check the dates when they are published before confirming this.

  • Long Mynd - excellent! The non vertical bits are very runnable.

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