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Keswick Buttermere results

edited February 2008 in Black Combe championships

James and Penny knocked several minutes off their PBs in perfect conditions on this 22 miler. The winner took 2:03:13 (new record), and James (3:01:28), Mike (3:02:47) , Karl (3:18:44) and Penny (3:39:45) .

The new scoring system gives the following scratch points: James 68, Mike 67, Karl 62, Penny 56.

With age/ sex handicap adjustment the result on handicap was: James 73, Mike 81, Karl 62, Penny 70



  • Well Done ye 22 milers ! .. Good Times !
    I have been continuing research into this age & gender adjusted times effect ... there is a lot of info out there ... the conclusions of the people studying performance decline in long distance runners as they get older is ..
    1. the decline starts at 35 ...
    2. it is a constant linear decline until 60 ... this decline is at 0.84% per year above 35
    3. above 60 the decline accelerates .. at about 1 % extra per year linear between 60 and 70 ..
    4. above 70 the decline accelerates again.. this time it's not tlinear.
    5. the factor for gender correction is 1.136 (that's the 0.88 we have seen before inverted) .. so a woman would first factor for age above 35 and then for her gender to get an age\gender corrected result.

    Mike .. does this radically change the handicap scoring ?? (if you have everybodies actual age I can work this out if you like)

    We could consider adopting this system for this year or next or not at all !



  • 2009 results are here ... http://www.keswick-ac.org.uk/ .. only 2 BCR's that I can see .. James & Sue ... Well Done both !! .. no Hoadies ...

    Looked like a windy day up on those passes to me !!

  • :smile:
    congratulations to both James and Sue, especially to Sue as a Buttermere virgin 3.14 is a cracking time so I guess the London training
    has been enhanced by the snowboarding at altitude,all those extra red blood cells carrying the oxygen round has paid off - terrific
    time - well done! :smile::smile:


    Winner was "Tricky Dicky" (Ricky Lightfoot) from Maryport in a fast 2:06.56 given the conditions.
    Female victor was holidaymaker Gudren Ravetz exactly 40 minutes later and outside the record.

    Peter Tayler 2:57.04
    Karl Fursey 3:46.28 his slowest yet.
    Penny Moreton 4:18.05 but she did run marathon distance less than 24 hours earlier as part of her 10 in 10 training.

    This was the first road counter race in the 2011 twelve race series so hopefully that'll enable the handicap scores to be worked out when the table gets updated.:smile:

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