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Found this on the fellrunner website. Have fun anyone who's going.

Coledale Horseshoe 16th April 2011Tue 12th Apr, 2011
Please be aware that the start of this race has had to be altered. The start and finish is now at Braithwaite Lodge GR 233232, this will be sign-posted from the main parking which is still on the 'old road' on the opposite side of the A66 (about 5-10 minute walk). Parking will be fully sign-posted and marshalled. There is minimal parking available in Braithwaite itself for the 'early birds' but no parking at Braithwaite Lodge. There will be toilet facilities and an undercover area for kit bags.


  • Wonder how many other runners will catch the X5 bus instead of coming by car, with that change?
    I'll be coming from Workington. See other comments in another posting on here.

  • edited April 2011

    What a marvellous race. Nice scrambly climbs, long grassy downs, dry
    underfoot, just the right distance and lovely cool weather. I had
    various cunning plans for beating Jamie but he ruined them all by
    running faster than me: he was first in 1:35, then 1:37 for me and 1:45
    for Pat.

    Poor Mike Robinson was timing over 300 runners with the old board and
    stickers so we didn't wait for other results, but there was a good BCR
    turnout with Sue, Dave W, Dave T and Rob R. No sign of Karl: I hope
    you're not still waiting at a bus stop in Workington?

    Not as good a points race as Middle Fell: Ian Holmes won in about 1:12
    with Simon Booth close behind. Should be about 76 for Jamie. I'll start
    the champs results page as soon I can, but (sorry) probably won't get it
    published until after Easter.

  • Nightmare race for me .. felt so crap .. couldn't breath .. then a lady
    came past me recking of perfume .. I nearly collapsed ! ..'nil points'
    here !

    Well Run everyone else .. especially Jamie who gave blood for the cause

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