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Middle Fell

Results now in. Fantastic run by Pete Tayler who was 3rd overall in
1.01.34. Other times were:\
Jamie Baron 12th - 1.05.47\
Will Ross 13th - 1.05.58\
Pat McIver 23rd - 1.09.28\
James Goffe 24th - 1.12.29\
Mike Jewell 29th - 1.13.50\
Sue Hodkinson 30th - 1.14.09\
Rob Smithurst 44th - 1.27.37\
Winner was Tim Ellis of ECRC in 53.40


  • Well done, but being on the eve of the Workington to Keswick 30 mile walk / run event I wasn't going to do that as well as Middlefell.
    Still, I finished that 9th overall (in the penguin suit!) and Penny took part, as training for her 10 in 10, finished 3rd female overall.
    The high finishing positions is because it's classed as a charity walk and not a race, even though everyone gets times, not many of Sunday's participants ran it.:tongue:

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