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West Cumbrian Run 2011: Not on 17th July

edited February 2011 in Black Combe championships

Whilst trying to find out information on this years West Cumbrian Run 10 miler, which goes from Cockermouth to Workington, via the villages, and is the memorial race for 2009 floods victim PC Barker, there is nothing, as yet, on its website, other than last years race.

I have emailed them and they've replied it is happening this year, but not in July.
As you know, it's in our club champs this year, and they are pointing to a date in late August or early September.

We have nothing in our champs (fell or road) those weekends (Aug 28th and Sep 4th), so if it happened on either of those two dates, we just need to move it to then.

However, Derwent AC have their own Cockermouth 10 mile race, which heads out to Isel, does a loop around minor country lanes here, then returns to Jennings Brewery the way you came in the first 5k or so. It's hillier than the West Cumbrian Run, but the date of that, provisionally, is 11 Sep, the same day as the Lake District Mountain Trial, which is in our champs.

My worry is the West Cumbrian Run may go ahead on this date (11 Sep), and Derwent AC will cancel their scheduled event...a race I ran last year, and on at least two other occasions, being the only BCR there.

If this happens and 11 Sep IS the date of the West Cumbrian Run 10 miler, we would then have to replace it with another one.
MY SUGGESTION, if, and only if, that's the case, we then could go for the fast Brampton to Carlisle, on Sat, 19th Nov.
It's been a champs counter before, and Hoad Hill Harriers always go there by coach and make a day out of it, to include shopping in Carlisle after.
There is always space left, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind having any of us on board...me, James and Penny being at least three who've used it in the past.
It'll also mean the fare would work out a bit cheaper to.

I'll keep an eye on things re the West Cumbrian Run and update here.




    Please read above comments again. I have emailed the organisers on this event last week, and have just recieved their reply.....and it's NOT good news in my opinion.

    The event is happening this year, but on Sunday, 14th August instead, and fuller details will be up on their website later this month, but for now this is what I've got.

    The race will now start and finish at Workington Cricket Club and there will be A CHOICE OF TWO races you can partake in, either a 10k option or 20k option (which could become a half marathon option once finalised).

    The 14th August is a bad date all round as regards our champs (both road and fell), here's why:
    We have Borrowdale on the 6th.
    Ulverston summer 10k on the 10th.
    Broughton Mills fell race on the 13th.

    If we put this West Cumbrian race in (longer option), that will mean FOUR BCR champs counters in the space of 8 days, and I (as well as most of yourselves) see it as being too many champs counter events all at once.
    There was a similar problem last year when the South Lakes half marathon had a date change and we had to pick another race in it's place, and I think the same will now have to happen this year.

    Please read my first comment above about the suggested Brampton to Carlisle 10 miler (which has been a club counter in the past) as an alternative event to replace this race.
    Also note my comment about the Hoad Hill bus which could save anyone thinking of going alot of money.

    Please add your comments below and thanks for reading / noting the points I've made.

  • I have done the Brampton to Carlisle before and it comes at a time when
    there are not a lot of other races. The Hoad Hill bus is a good way of
    getting there but it does hang around for a long time so people can do
    their xmas shopping etc so provided you anticipate this it works out

  • I'd be happy to go along with Karl's recommendation if there are no arguments against it.

  • I've updated the calendar. Karl, does it still start at noon? The web
    doesn't want to tell me.

  • The Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile road race starts at 12:30pm on Sat, 19th Nov.

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