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Po House

edited December 2010 in Black Combe championships

The Po House race will be held as usual at 10:30 on New Year's Day. It's
a road race of about 10km with one long steady hill and some undulation.
The route is very simple - take every left turn you see and no others -
but there's a map below and I'll put arrows at the key junctions to make
sure I don't go the wrong way.

We start and finish at Ralliss, at the foot of Black Combe, and as usual
it's a chasing start. Please bring flask and cake for the finish if you

I've started a winter league
with handicaps and I'll add
more dates and background soon.


  • I was running on the Po House route (albeit in part) yesterday (Wed) afternoon, which still has ice on the road, especially between Po House itself and the left turn onto the Brockwood Hall road so care will need to be taken here, moreso on the steep hill, however, if the temperatures stay above freezing until New Year's Day, (which it is forecast to do) then hopefully all that will have melted, but there's no need to cancel or reschedule this race to a later date.

  • Jill and Jane Peel will be at Po House with tea, coffee and biscuits tomorrow. I can do the timing. Valdaree :smile:

  • Excellent! Thanks Val. I'm quite fluey so I won't be running either.

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    If anyone has a BCR stopwatch, please could you bring it tomorrow? I've
    just been to Broughton but there aren't any in the cupboard.

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    It was a nice cool, dryish day for Po House. The handicapper was a bit
    stingy with Keith but the rest of the finish was reasonably tight and
    the first three had a good fight on the last descent:

    handicap   elapsed   actual   last year  
    Mike McIver 19:00 58:18 39:18
    Gill O'Connell 4:45 58:26 53:41 53:43
    Dave Parminter 14:00 58:32 44:32 44:40
    Ken Lindley 9:00 61:42 52:42
    Colin Benn 12:30 62:15 49:45
    Phil Newton 12:30 62:15 49:45
    Peter Grayson 16:00 62:20 46:20 45:11
    Karl Fursey 9:00 62:45 53:45 53:12
    Cynthia Crawshaw 0 64:00 64:00
    Keith Nixon 0 66:38 66:38 70:23
  • Thanks Will,
    Just out of interest for the likes of me who aren't interested in handicap times and only go by their actual times, the correct order for finishing was thus:

    Mike M 39:18
    David P 44:32
    Peter G 46:20
    Colin Benn 49:45 (Guest)
    Phil 49:45
    Ken 52:42
    Gill 53:41
    Karl 53:45
    Cynthia 64:00
    Keith 66:38

    Let's see if I can improve on last year at next weekends Appletreeworth WTL race, however, today's slow time was caused (in part) by running 23 miles since Wed afternoon, which is followed by a marathon distance approx run this Tuesday lunchtime during my week off work, if anyone fancied joining me at any point between Ambleside (12:00) and Seascale (arr 17:15-17:30 approx) via Three Shires Inn, Wrynose and Hardknott passes, Eskdale and Gosforth.
    The times are tied into public transport times (bus explorer ticket etc) despite it being dark at the end of it.

    EARLIER on Tuesday there is a partial eclipse of the sun on a par with the 11/08/99 eclipse in Cumbria when 86% of the sun's diameter was obscured then, though you'll need to be alert as greatest eclipse is at 08:51, less than 20 minutes after sunrise (for Carlisle). Let's pray for a nice day as the next UK partial isn't until Fri 20/03/15. :smile:

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