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  Will Nov 29th 2017

Hello! It’s time again. The 9th annual “running” of the Caw downhill fancy dress competition and hangover cure will be on Sunday 17th December, the day after our Christmas do. We meet at the Newfield at 11am, walk up Caw in a variety of unsuitable outfits and start running down at 12 noon.

As always it’s not a race or any sort of organised event. Just people out for a run in the wrong clothes, as fast as they can.

  • Fancy dress is expected but doesn’t have to be all that fancy;
  • It will be really cold, and snowy or wet or both. Harry says you should probably come as John Snow, not Tinkerbell;
  • The route goes from the summit of Caw to the front door of the Newfield by any route you can manage;
  • Usually that means taking the same way down as the Duddon races but we’re not flagging anything or making any suggestions, and it can be hard to get over the ladder stile in a bear suit;
  • Chasing start with handicaps determined by speed, age, gender, weight of costume, ability to see out, pleading of runner and position on the handicapper’s list of people who have offended her this year. Fast people can be waiting at the top for a while;
  • The winner is the first person to finish a pint. You need to finish the run at least a minute ahead of Pat and Pete to have any chance here. Soft drinks are allowed if extremely fizzy and cold;
  • This is not safe or sensible and never has been. It’s a miracle that nobody has been seriously hurt. Please be careful, and do not imagine that anyone has thought this through or is looking after you.

Splendid trophies and much glory for the fastest person and the best fancy dress. Spectators and guests are very welcome. Tell your friends.

This is copied from the facebook event. If you’re in there, please mark yourself as going so we can start the handicaps. Feel free to share, too.

Everyone is invited to the Newfield afterwards to recover either from this or the Christmas do.

Matt Nov 29th 2017

Unfortunately Tor’s family have unsociably decided to hold Christmas that weekend so I won’t be able to make it. This is a shame as I was thinking of constructing some humongous wings, possibly a hang glider. The thinking is that they would be good for holding my line on the decent and provide an advantage when downing the pint - who can down a pint with a set of wings repeatedly slapping them in the face and groin?