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JamesG Oct 17th 2017

The run for tonight is Grey Friar. The forecast is for the wind to die down as the day progresses so hopefully it will be OK by this pm. For those wanting a meal afterwards at the Newfield, can you please order before the run

JamesG Oct 17th 2017

A bit of drama on tonight’s Grey Friar run. It was very foggy up there and very easy to slip off the path which is pretty indistinct in places. The main group were almost at the top but decided a turn around was required to hit the ETA for the pub. Will though did not want to stop at 90% so decided to go for the top and being a fast descender expected to catch us on the descent . The rest of us came down to the tarn at various speeds and on leaving the tarn asked each other if we had seen Will. As the nominated leader I felt it my duty to go back and shine my torch as a beacon. I also turned my torch off to see if I could spot any light and realised that it was a very dark night up there and worried if something had happened to Will’s torch. I therefore started up the hill but halfway up the first part of the hill was concerned that if I went too far Will might pass me without me realising so went back to the tarn, waved my torch a few more times on top of the rock there and headed back to the pub. Will had still not arrived so Dave and Phil drove up to the Walna Scar and the rest of us pondered when we should call out mountain rescue – the general consensus being not before the pudding course and just before this crucial point Will arrived having fought his way through bracken to get to the road at Birks Bridge and then run back along the road as fast as he could to ensure he was back before we called mountain rescue. It was fortunate that it was Will because he is a cool customer and is very experienced at being lost! Seriously though we should take this as a warning and when out at night particularly in more extreme weather not risk running alone and also take your bum bag with compass and whistle and possibly a mobile phone (Will was already wearing his waterproof top).