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HelenW Oct 6th 2017

Any help needed at Dunnerdale? Happy to wield the timing machine again. :bigsmile:


That would be great Helen if you could do that !

You are on the list - thanks.

Its on 11th Nov.



Dunnerdale Helpers required please !

Registration: at least 4 helpers required please to give numbers and wristbands simultaneously take cash and check and pass completed regs to help input Peter.

On the hill:
Bridge at start – to hold back any on-coming traffic at start.
First road turn – traffic safety marshall (could also then do gate into wood – see below)
Gate onto Fell – gate to close
Top of Knott – no numbers taken – look official and help any stragglers
Raven Crag – manned by Dave Hughes and Ann Jackson + mountain rescue team
Stickle Pike – manned by Jane Rousseau and Elaine Wright
Great Stickle – 2 places available
Gate under Great Stickle – Roger Troughton
Middle Gate – available one person
Gate into Wood – available one person

Timer machine – Helen Waters
Recorder of numbers – available one person
Shouter of numbers – available one person
Runner of numbers to Peter – available one person

Results – Peter Grayson

Parking – permanent helper and director at top field
Parking – permanent helper and director at midway field

Kitchen – as last year – self-service pies and juice. Tea provided by Kath and Irene.

I have copied Ken and Dave as I know you sometimes like to do Great Stickle ?

+ Dave P do you want to do flags as usual ?

harv Oct 9th 2017

Hi Andy
Hoping to run, but happy to help with parking or owt else before and after

HelenW 7 days ago

No worries Andy. Can also help with registration.

Jo 6 days ago

I can do gates or recording/shouting numbers if still needed

ANDREW GITTINS 5 hours ago

Jo great can you do number recording at the finish please - thanks Andy