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HelenW Oct 6th 2017

Any help needed at Dunnerdale? Happy to wield the timing machine again. :bigsmile:


That would be great Helen if you could do that !

You are on the list - thanks.

Its on 11th Nov.



Dunnerdale Helpers required please !

Registration: at least 4 helpers required please to give numbers and wristbands simultaneously take cash and check and pass completed regs to help input Peter.

On the hill:
Bridge at start – to hold back any on-coming traffic at start.
First road turn – traffic safety marshall (could also then do gate into wood – see below)
Gate onto Fell – gate to close
Top of Knott – no numbers taken – look official and help any stragglers
Raven Crag – manned by Dave Hughes and Ann Jackson + mountain rescue team
Stickle Pike – manned by Jane Rousseau and Elaine Wright
Great Stickle – 2 places available
Gate under Great Stickle – Roger Troughton
Middle Gate – available one person
Gate into Wood – available one person

Timer machine – Helen Waters
Recorder of numbers – available one person
Shouter of numbers – available one person
Runner of numbers to Peter – available one person

Results – Peter Grayson

Parking – permanent helper and director at top field
Parking – permanent helper and director at midway field

Kitchen – as last year – self-service pies and juice. Tea provided by Kath and Irene.

I have copied Ken and Dave as I know you sometimes like to do Great Stickle ?

+ Dave P do you want to do flags as usual ?

harv Oct 9th 2017

Hi Andy
Hoping to run, but happy to help with parking or owt else before and after

HelenW Oct 11th 2017

No worries Andy. Can also help with registration.

Jo Oct 13th 2017

I can do gates or recording/shouting numbers if still needed

ANDREW GITTINS Oct 19th 2017

Jo great can you do number recording at the finish please - thanks Andy

ANDREW GITTINS Oct 26th 2017

marshal for Great Stickle required

+ Jo can you confirm number recording at finish thanks


Jo Oct 26th 2017

Yes that's fine

mike v Nov 1st 2017

Dunnerdale Fell Race Saturday 11 November -
Helpers for Dunnerdale 2017 are as follows to date:
PARKING Phil Newton to coordinate with Harvey Lord, Tim Ripper, James Harris, Pat McIver
REGISTRATION: Mike Vogler with Charmian Heaton, Anna Lupton
bridge and junc/wood gate - Beth Ripper
gate at foot of knott - Sarah Roberts
Knott - Ian Verber
Raven Crag - David Hughes and Anne Jackson?
Stickle Pike - Jane Rousseau and Elaine Wright
Great Stickle - Dave Parminter AND Dave Hobbins
Gate at foot of Great Stickle - Roger Troughton
Middle Gate - Christine North?
Wood gate - Beth Ripper
Timer - Helen Walker plus Jo
Caller - Mike Vogler
Runner - Tim Ripper
timing and results - Peter Grayson
Pies and so on - Kath Barnard and Irene?
Many thanks
Mike V

Phil Nov 1st 2017

Unfortunately I don’t think Christine will be able to help. Her mother is very ill and has to keep checking up on her. Also I won’t be able to get there until later so need someone else to organise parking. Sorry. Phil

karl Nov 1st 2017

I can assist with parking as in previous years, as I'll be arriving early with Peter Grayson.


sorry to hear that Phil.

Any takers for Middle Gate marshalling ?


Karl - maybe you could help to tape off all the parking areas that we cant use - it needs to be done early - Mike is bringing all the kit from Wills - I hope there is lots of tape.

Can you coordinate with other parking M's - will need early and permanent marshal fixture at top field - that's the very top field - not the Caw parking field.



mike v Nov 5th 2017

I've asked Simon Rodger to do the middle gate, if he can't we'll find someone else to do it. Perhaps Anna Lupton? Ive facebooked both of them. I think there'll be plenty of people about, so it won't be critical. I'll mention it at the meeting on Tuesday. Apart from collecting the kit on Wednesday from Will and buying the prizes, I think we're there.

mike v Nov 5th 2017

Could Dave PArminter and Dave Hobbins confirm their availability for marshalling Great Stickle, please? :bigsmile:

mike v Nov 5th 2017

Simon has kindly agreed to do the middle gate. Are we okay for marshalls on great stickle Andrew?


Great Stickle - Dave Hobbins, Dave Parminter, Keith Nixon (Ken sends his apologies):bigsmile:

Could the parking team note that the very top field can be used so please fill it up but it has sheep in so don't let them out - good luck !:shamed:

mike v Nov 10th 2017

Let's do this team BCR...thanks in advance for all your support. CAtch me over the course of the day for a pint...:wink:

Chris R Nov 11th 2017

An excellent event in every way! Many thanks to Mike V and all the marshals and other helpers who made it such a success.

Chris R

mike v Nov 12th 2017

Thank you folks - another year, another race. Couldn't happen without all your support. Thanks to Andy G in the lead in and on the day, thanks to the marshals and Helen and Jo for time keeping/number taking. Thanks to Peter Grayson for his wizardry on the scores. Thanks to gate folk, parking marshals, to Kath and Irene for the teas and to Anna, Hazel and Chamian who helped on registration. Nice one.

Petros Nov 12th 2017

A clipboard belonging to me got put in a box with the other stuff. Does anyone know where it is?

  Will Nov 13th 2017

Does anyone have a results file handy? We’ll put it on fellrace.

Petros Nov 13th 2017

Results are attached. Sorry for the delay, due to other events at the weekend.

It must be a record that 39 of our own members ran in it.

  Will Nov 13th 2017

Pete T Nov 13th 2017

What a great club day out, 39 Runners is unbelievable!