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Becca Oct 2nd 2017

If you would like to be considered for BCR’s place in next year’s London Marathon please let me know. Also tell me whether you tried to enter it already and didn’t get a place and if you have run it before.

john_millen Oct 3rd 2017

I'm in with a Good For [old] Age time. Who's joining me? :surprised:

JulianD Oct 5th 2017

Just got my official ballot rejection by email so I would be up for the club place if available please. This would be my first road marathon.

karl Oct 5th 2017

Yet another rejection letter and commiserations magazine from the VMLM, plus a running top for bequeathed entry fee.
I've ran London before with accepted entry from the ballot and the BCR club place three times since 2004.
With that in mind, and being fair, I will let other members try for the club place.

There's always Windermere marathon 4 weeks later, it would be nice to see more BCRs take part in this race, and I'm one of only a single digit figure of runners to have ran Windermere every year since it's re-inauguration in 2007 and have already entered this for 2018.

mike jewell Oct 5th 2017

Email commiserations for me as well, was looking for a challenge next year, stick me into club ballot please.


Commiserations for me - I can't remember entering it so quite relieved really....! :confused:

JulianD Oct 10th 2017

Mike, I was looking for a challenge for next year too and I tried for London because it was so far removed from my usual comfort zone. I've entered a different one instead now so I'm off the list for the club ballot. Good luck to the Black Combe in London but Zaragoza here I come!