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harv Sep 17th 2017

Probably best to have a recce of this- last race in Lakeland classics, and in our club champs, and just a damn good route...
What about next Sunday 24th? Meet at odg at half 9.
I promise the pace will be leisurely, with plenty of scope for picnics.
Any one keen?

Beth Sep 20th 2017

Hi Harv – Rippers aren’t around then, but I’ve put your message on the fb group too, so hopefully people will get back to you here if they can make a recce.

harv Sep 21st 2017

Cheers Beth!
Preliminary weather forecast looks conducive to picnics.
Might just be me n James Harris unless anyone else fancies it
All good

annalup Sep 22nd 2017

Hi Harv, can’t make Sunday I’m afraid but hoping to do Langdale and reccied it on Tuesday. Flippin nora, it’s not an easy route to get right is it..! See you there if not before.

Pup Harris Sep 28th 2017

Only 41 places left for Langdale!!!!
Enter now or be miserable if you miss out on a great day.