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Beth Aug 16th 2017

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say the Black Combe social run on Tuesday 29th will be from Ralliss (NOT Whicham Church). Tim and I recce'd a new route for y'all! :bigsmile:

Beth Aug 23rd 2017

Hello everyone! If you're planning to eat at the Miners after the social run on Tuesday (from Ralliss) we'll need to preorder food. Let me know your choice here or on the fb page please by COP Saturday - menu here:

JamesG Aug 25th 2017

Cumberland Sausage please

Beth Aug 28th 2017

Food is booked. Any more food orders please contact Miners directly.
Cheers, Beth

Beth Aug 28th 2017

Quick note to say I'll be setting off early up the zig zags, leaving at 18:15.

Tim will be leaving with the faster group at 18:30 sharp as we do need to get to the pub on time.

:big smile:

Beth Aug 28th 2017