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  Will Aug 11th 2017

This just in:

Dear sir/madam,

I’m working on a brand new TV series for Food Network called Monster Food and we’re looking for fell runners to take part in some filming in Whitehaven next week.

We’re filming at a restaurant near Whitehaven on Tuesday 15th of August at 11.30 and are looking for people to do some running on camera and then come and taste the UK’s largest Scotch egg!

It will be lots of fun and the food will be free! We’d love to hear from anyone who’s up for getting involved and hoped you might be able to share our message.

If anyone would like to take part please email or call 0207 704 3300 and ask for Ben Phethean at reception.

Matt Aug 11th 2017

Although the thought of seeing the UK's largest Scotch egg is initially tempting (the world largest would be more enticing - on that thought, is it not worth going for the World title - is there even any competition from other countries for something like this?), I have put myself of by google imaging it.