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Pete T Jul 3rd 2017

Dave/Phil - any info or instructions for the race tomorrow? Will there be an early start option?

For new runners a map of the route is at the top of the string titled "2010 Summer Race".

Becca Jul 3rd 2017

Sorry to Dave/Phi for stepping on your toes but I didn’t want to upset the pub by not having everyone’s orders in / not having a enough tables for us so I have posted this on Facebook.

“Please can any one wanting food at The Miners Arms tomorrow have a look at the menu and let me know what you want. I’ll also be at the start of the race with a menu if anyone doesn’t see this in time. The table is booked for 8.30pm which is the absolute latest they would accept so they would really appreciate all food being ordered in advance. Also we have only booked for 12 people at the moment. Can everyone post if they are planning to go for food so I can make sure there are enough tables reserved for us. Don’t let the rain put you off :)”

Me and Soph aren’t running so can easily nip down to the pub with the order.

davidp Jul 3rd 2017

Phil and myself will be there early, so if anyone wants to set off at six they can. Two start times only, six and six thirty, otherwise it gets complicated.

karl Jul 3rd 2017

Me and Rob McKeever are also starting at six.

davidp Jul 3rd 2017

The Manager at the Miners Arms had already sent me his menu for us on Tuesday evening,which is a bit different from what is advertised on their website. So to avoid confusion perhaps it would be better to order off the one I am going to bring tomorrow.

  Will Jul 4th 2017

The message Pete mentions is here:

and here’s the useful part:

The route goes up the Combe in the usual way, then descends northwards towards Bootle. When you reach the fence at the bottom of that descent, turn left and follow it back towards Whicham for about 3 miles of nice rolling footpath. Turn left for the short climb up Townend Gill and then cross the plateau behind Sea Ness to get back to the usual descent to the finish at the fell gate. The Townend Gill turning and climb will be lightly flagged by [Dave]. The total distance is about 7.5 miles and the climb about 2600 feet.

It’s easy to miss the Townend Gill turn. I usually do, or go up the one before and spend half an hour swearing at heather.

JamesG Jul 6th 2017

For those not on Facebook these are the results Phil Newton provided:
Hi. Results for last night’s Black Combe Fell Championship are below:- Times were generally slower due to poor visibility & navigational errors plus dense bracken hiding little paths.
Tim Ripper was first male in 1.13.26.
Lynn Murray was first lady in 1.35.35.
John Millen (2nd) 1.23.58.
Rest in no order:
Ian Verber 2.13.17
Rob McKeever 2.25.11
Karl Fursey 2.06.55
John Bailey 2.07.21
John Shevelan 1.45.
Pete Tayler 1.31.18
Nick Sebley 1.35.20
Matt Rooke 1.27.14
Chris Roberts 1.43.15
Richard Walker
Murray Murray 1.37.47
Will Ross 1.36.12
James Goffe 1.47.53
Hope these are correct. Thanks to all helpers