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Becca Jun 17th 2017

As entries have just opened for the British Fell Relays seems like a good time to start getting names together of who’s interested. It’s 15th October in Llanberis.

There is also the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay on Sunday 1st October from Patterdale.

Both are a great day out! Please let me know if you’d like to do these this year and we can start thinking about teams once we know who’s available.

Thank you!

Becca 😊

Becca Jun 23rd 2017

Update on Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay – Sunday 1st October…

Only 70 teams can enter this race and the club gets two of these places. Based on the interest shown so far (and to give people that normally wouldn’t get to run a chance) I intend to enter a Mixed Team and a Vets team (any mix of male and female runners, must be aged 40 or over on the day of the race).

If you are a vet and didn’t say you were interested because you didn’t think you’d get in the team now is your chance!

Currently I have Pete, Julian, Jamie, Nick, John Parminter, Chris, and John Millen as possible runners in the vets team but there are 8 places available.

Also I’ve been told we can be on the waiting list in case a last minute space becomes available (last year there were 4 spaces and only 2 got filled so sounds like a good chance we could get one). Please let me know if you are happy to keep the day free in case of a last minute call up. You could also be a reserve for our Mixed or Vet team so two chances of getting a run.

Please let me know asap

Becca Jun 23rd 2017

Update on British Fell Relays – Sunday 15th October

I’ve just put entries in for a Mens Open and Womens Open teams :) If you haven’t said you’re interested yet let me know and I’ll add you to the lists.

I need another Men Vet 50 and I can put a team in for that too. Currently have Pete, Julian, Jamie, Nick, and Chris.

I’d love it if everyone who wants to run gets a chance to so there is a possibility of putting a fourth team in if we get enough interest. It would probably be a mixed team. We do need reserves too to cover last minute injuries and illnesses.

The organiser has said places are on a first come first served basis at the moment so I don’t want us to miss out. Therefore please let me know if you are keen asap

Becca Sep 8th 2017

Another quick update on the relays…

We have 2 teams for the HBMR (mixed and V40) and 4 teams at the FRAs (mens, womens, MV50, mixed).

All runners have now been contacted by email. If you have put your name forward to run and haven’t had an email please contact me.


JamesG Sep 13th 2017

I am happy to put my name down and would be prepared to go into whatever team needs me or otherwise be a reserve should faster guys become available