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Tim R Jun 7th 2017

If anyone fancies something a little different, the Old Crown Round returns as a fell race this year.
22nd July, 24 miles in the far north lakes, starting and finishing at the Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket. Rumour has it there’s a 1/3 pint on each summit (beers named after the summits you visit), with a proper full pint for finishing. Sounds great!

  Will Jun 7th 2017

We like that!

Pete T Jun 8th 2017

That looks really good, shame we'll probably be away.

Pup Harris 5 days ago

Hopefully this will be my comeback race...cast off on Tues 18th July, Blisco Dash on the 19th, then the Old Crown Round :bigsmile:

Tim R 1 day ago

Just signed up, looking forward to it.
Surely you can get in a few more miles on the Thu and Fri Pup?!