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Tim R Jun 7th 2017

If anyone fancies something a little different, the Old Crown Round returns as a fell race this year.
22nd July, 24 miles in the far north lakes, starting and finishing at the Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket. Rumour has it there’s a 1/3 pint on each summit (beers named after the summits you visit), with a proper full pint for finishing. Sounds great!

  Will Jun 7th 2017

We like that!

Pete T Jun 8th 2017

That looks really good, shame we'll probably be away.

Pup Harris Jun 22nd 2017

Hopefully this will be my comeback race...cast off on Tues 18th July, Blisco Dash on the 19th, then the Old Crown Round :bigsmile:

Tim R Jun 26th 2017

Just signed up, looking forward to it.
Surely you can get in a few more miles on the Thu and Fri Pup?!

Pup Harris Jun 28th 2017

Great mate!!! Haha, Thurs and Fri I'll be working like a dog ;-) Thanks again for letting us know about the OCR.