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Pete T Mar 12th 2017

Anglers Arms booked for 8:15 this Tuesday, then the weeks after....

14th March ​​Bigland from Angler’s Arms, Haverthwaite. Leader Pete.
21st March​​Mosses from Broughton. Black Cock. Leader Sue.
28th March​​Dunnerdale. Blacksmith’s Arms. Leader Ian.
4th April ​​Dow from Newfield Inn. Leader James.
11th April ​​Old Man & Brim Fell by Sun Hotel. Crown. Leader Will.
18th April ​ Black Combe from Rallis. Punch Bowl. Leader Dave P for pub..
25th April​ Blawith Malarky from Blawith carpark. Farmer’s Arms. John.
2nd May​ Giggle Alley. George IV. Leader Tim/Beth.
9th May​​Whitfell from Corney top. Black Cock. Leader Rob.

verbs Mar 23rd 2017

Blacksmiths booked for next Tuesday 28th March - meet at Broughton Mills at 6:30pm; eat at 8:30pm
Please order BEFORE YOU RUN!
I will be leading any road runners around the scissors loop - no doubt there will be somebody to lead the rest (possibly everybody but me!) around Dunnerdale.
See you there,

john_millen Mar 24th 2017

Sorry I won't be able to lead on the 25th April as I am away with work. J

john_millen Apr 21st 2017

Hi, please see my note above. New run leader required for Tuesday.

JulianD Apr 25th 2017

Only just noticed this John...
No problem with leading the run
... and the Farmers' Arms has now been booked.

Tim R Apr 26th 2017

Next week’s social run is from Giggle Alley, which is quite a long way for many people… I’m happy to lead a run from there, but having a chat at the run last night we came up with a couple of other options: – Harter Fell from Birks Bridge, followed by Newfield – recce of the start of Eskdale Elevation, from Boot up to Whin Rigg, followed by food in the Boot Inn. Race is on 6th May, and some people have confessed they can’t navigate along bridleways…..

Any preferences?

verbs Apr 30th 2017

Any decision re Tuesday? It's got Birks Bridge on the homepage but Rob's agenda for the committee meeting says George IV for the pub.
Confused & disorientated (not that that's unusual), Broughton in Furness.

karl Apr 30th 2017

The meeting is now on the 9th at the Black Cock in Broughton, so that's​ even better for you.
Did you get an email with the agenda? Anything else for the agenda and food orders need to be emailed to Rob by this coming Saturday.
The social run was changed from Eskdale to Birks Bridge for a run up Harter, for this Tuesday after a discussion at last weeks run pub and I think Robs not free this week despite the agenda still showing the Eskdale boozer.

Tim R May 1st 2017

Hi all, run this Tue is changed to Harter Fell (from Birks Bridge) followed by the Newfield. Please stop and order food on the way up the valley.
Committee meeting is the week after now.
See you all tomorrow – it’s looking like a cracking weather forecast!

karl May 3rd 2017

What are the next eight weeks of social runs to take us into early July and when's the Black Combe summer round race please?

karl May 20th 2017

Has all the social runs up to early / mid-July now been sorted out following the committee meeting earlier this month?
The main page on our website only shows the next three.
I'm only asking as there's a date in June when I may be away.

JamesG May 22nd 2017

I noted down some of the Tuesday nights which include the three already on the social runs page but I also noted 13 June was White Maiden and Caw from the Hawk then the Blacksmiths.

Now for this week the Woodland Triangle run and Greyhound at Grizebeck afterwards, I have contacted the pub to advise we would be coming about 8.15. This was OK provided we order our meals before the run. Either drop in on your way past or call them on 889672 and choose something from the menu.

verbs May 27th 2017

Sorry but I probably won't be able to lead on Tuesday 13th June. I'm away on a navigation course (much needed!) and may well not be back on time.
It's scheduled to start at the Hawk and climb Caw and possibly White Maiden - Blacksmiths to follow. Any offers?:sad:

Petros May 30th 2017

At tonight’s run Karl and I intend to set off up the Old Man at about 6.00.

karl Jun 4th 2017

Thanks for updating the social runs page, but where's the run on the 27th?

verbs Jun 12th 2017

OK - I can organise/lead tomorrow night. Meet at the Hawk at 6:30 but if you want to eat at the Blacksmiths PRE-ORDER at Broughton Mills on your way
See you there

karl Jun 25th 2017

Social run 27th:
The social runs page on the website isn't working, and whilst I'll be at an exercise class in Whitehaven at the time, it might be worth posting on here where the run is this Tuesday.

I still assume our summer race, what I call the Black Combe Round (with meal afterwards) is next week, and Grey Friar social is in a fortnight, based on what I saw on the social runs page last week before it went off or crashed.

Sophie Jun 27th 2017

Run should be up Wetherlam tonight with the pub being The Crown. The website should be up and running again soon.

  Will Jun 27th 2017

It’s alive! Sorry about that. Creaky old thing, keeps filling disk up with miscellaneous grumbling.