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Pete T Mar 10th 2017

Hi all, have just sent this out by email to those concerned, membership for 2017 was due from January this year. I will need to pay England Athletics for a all affiliations in April.

This year full membership is £17 (EA affiliation has increased to £14)
Social membership is £3
Fell only, if your EA affiliation is paid by another club is £3.
We now have a junior section, under 18, at £3.

*********Left over from last last year Mike Hartley and Amanda owe £15 and Will Rigg owes £8 (the club paid EA membership based on responses last year)**********

Please let me know how you want to pay - I can collect cash, you can send me a cheque or pay online (let me know and I'll send details). Please also let me know if you want to leave the club so I can leave you alone!

There may be one or two who receive this who have paid me already - let me know and I'll update the records.

Thanks, Pete